Flying Star Type- Forward/Retreat Horse 進退馬

This is one of the 13 types of Flying Star style dynamics between the Heavenly Stems of the Palaces. This structure can only happen in the 子 (Zi) and 寅 (Yin) or 丑 (Chou) and 卯 (Mao) zone because of the common Heavenly Stems. The 進退馬忌 and the 進退馬祿 structures are laid out in the structure: Source Palace (太極點) will send out the Flying Transformations Stars, 飛祿 (Flying Lu) or 飛忌 (Flying Ji) two palaces forward. If the Target Palace has a star which undergoes self 化 (hua), these Flying Lus and Jis will be bounced off to two palaces after Target Palace.


Example of 進馬祿 (Forward Horse Lu): When the 太極點 is in Life Palace (命宮) A, it sends off 飛祿 (Flying Lu) to two palaces ahead, which lies in B, the Spouse Palace (夫妻宮). However the Spouse Palace has its own 自化祿 (Self Hua Lu), henceforth the Flying Lu’s projectile will be deflected another two palaces ahead to C, the Wealth Palace (財帛宮). Because of the forward movement, it is known as Forward Horse Lu.


Example of 退馬祿 (Retreat Horse Lu): When the 太極點 is in Life Palace (命宮) A, it sends off 飛祿 (Flying Lu) to two palaces ahead, which lies in B, the Fortune Palace (福德宮). However the Fortune Palace has its own 自化祿 (Self Hua Lu), henceforth the Flying Lu’s projectile will be deflected two palaces backward to A in the C trajectory. Because of the backward movement, it is known as Retreat Horse Lu.

For 進馬忌 (Forward Horse Ji) and 退馬忌 (Tui Ma Ji), the trajectories are similar to the examples above.

Conceptually, the Forward/Retreat Horse trajectory of the Flying Stars are depicting the “Cause and Effect” of the subject matter in interlinked relationships. In the above example of Forward Horse Lu, the Targetted Palace is the Spouse Palace. This is the “Cause” palace. When Spouse Palace Self-Hua (自化), there are changes to the effect of the cause emphasis, henceforth the projectile of this Hua to the Wealth Palace. The Wealth Palace is actually the “Cause” Palace of the Spouse Palace (it is a wife palace of the wife palace) and the “Effect” Palace of the Life Palace, henceforth if we look at the whole picture, the Flying Hua that originated from Life Palace actually is deflected into the “Self” of the Emphasized Spouse Palace. In the above case of the Retreat Horse Lu, the Targetted “Cause” Palace is the Fortune Palace. Actually, the Life Palace itself is the emphasis cause of the Fortune Palace, and the eventual “Effect” Palace, henceforth the effects are reflected back into reinforcing emphasis on ownself.

Case Studies of 進馬祿忌 (Forward Horse Lu/Ji):

1. Life Palace sent forth 飛祿 to Spouse Palace which underwent 自化祿, 飛祿 deflected to Wealth Palace. (Spending lots of money because of partner)

2. Wealth Palace sent forth 飛忌 to Travel Palace, which underwent 自化忌, 飛忌 deflected to Career Palace. (Facing problems in career with overseas business or investments)

Case Studies of 退馬祿忌 (Retreat Horse Lu/Ji)

1. Life Palace sent forth 飛忌 to Fortune Palace which underwent 自化忌, 飛忌 deflected back to Life Palace. (Troubled by affairs of the heart, or bad consequences of leisure)

2. Sickness Palace sent forth 飛祿 to Children Palace which underwent 自化祿, 飛祿 deflected back to Sickness Palace. (Entangled with affairs/affliction because of sexual deviancy).