Case Study on Relationships-Singlehood

This is a case study on one aspect of relationships: singlehood. This study will look into the chart of a woman who had difficulties in forming relationships with men and had probably remained a spinster till the day she died. Sad as it seems, but this a realistic phenomenon in our society, especially modern day society, due to different current societal expectations. Naturally, inquiries on relationship is usually a key emphasis in a lot of ZWDS readings, particularly for women, whose priorities are the affairs of the heart. Most men would be more particularly interested in wealth and career. Both men and women will only ask about health only when trouble strikes.

This native is a female born in 20th January 1942 at the 辰 hour. She is born in the 四败地 hence she is in her most substantive state and her elemental ranking is 火六局 which gives her a choleric characterization.


A careful look at her Heaven Chart Life Palace indicates that there are no main stars within. The presence of 禄存 will attract the flanking of 擎羊  and 陀罗 hence causing 擎陀夹空宫. Usually in this case, the native will tend to be overtly cautious in the approach to life. The presence of 巨门 with 化禄 over at the Travel Palace in opposition to 禄存 should have given this native an active social life (and generally a rewarding life). However, in this scenario with the 擎陀夹空宫 formations, the native will generally shun away from social interactions and may become lonely due to lack of trust in people. Yet, her “façade” will personify at the Travel Palace, henceforth putting on the front of a sociable persona.

Aside from the flanking of malevolent stars at the Life Palace, there are actually no presence of malevolent stars within the San Fang from the Life Palace, hence indicating that the native generally has a calm, placid mannerism (although her elemental self is actually of a choleric characterization). Now, going back to the San Fang of Travel Palace, 地劫 lies within and encounters 地空 (characterized as 天空 in Spouse this chart), with 火星 in Spouse, will be indicative that her interaction with people tend to be critical, argumentative and will reflect better the elemental choleric nature of herself. If we compare the San Fang Grouping of Life, Wealth, Career (RED) and the San Fang Grouping of Travel, Spouse, Fortune (BLUE), we get to see there are two distinctly different characteristics of the native.

The Body Palace is situated at the Wealth Palace hence this woman has a life emphasis on money. The Main Star is 天梁, and the palace does not encounter any malevolent stars in the San Fang, henceforth she should have stable financial situations. 天梁 however is a geriatric loner star, and not particularly beneficial for women life, and this give the native the embodiment of old, sullenness.

In the Career Palace, 太陽化權 with 太阴 are situated therein, yet there are no presence of 左辅 and 右弼, hence the native doesn’t really know how to leverage on people and will tend to take any job head on, and eventually tiring herself out in the process. This is an indication of a workaholic.

天同 sits in the Fortune Palace. This star is generally known as the star of blessings and if it sits within the Fortune Palace, it supposedly will bring a state of bliss to the native. However, in the San Fang lurks the dangerous 火星 and the dual KONG JIE stars. This shows that the native is generally troubled by externality.

Now, the critical problem lies in the Spouse Palace. It does not have a Main Star hence it is regarded as an “Empty” palace. Worse still 地空 (seen in the Chart version as 天空) and 火星 sits in the palace. When malevolent stars are allowed to manifest its presence in weak or “empty” palaces, the ill effects will take on manifold. 火星 will make her extremely temperamental and/or impulsive in dealings with the affairs of the heart, and 地空 will essentially make her end any interactions in a rather abrupt way. From the Spouse Palace, her ideal mate will be someone of cheerful, active nature who does things smartly and decisively (火星 in Spouse in opposition to 太陽 and 太阴 at Career Palace).

In the Children Palace, there are 七杀, 文昌 化忌, 天魁 and within the San Fang it encounters 铃星 and 擎羊, two malevolent stars. This is a bad combination of stars that do not benefit relationships. 七杀 is of an elemental Metal nature and traditionally it is always known as a harsh, unfriendly loner star. When it sits in a WU Palace, the Fire Element of the Palace will lead to elemental destruction of the Metal. 铃星 and 擎羊 formation is known as the 铃羊 formation and the encounter with 七杀 enhances the “Punishment” to the native. 文昌 化忌 in encounter of the two elemental stars will mean that the native will have a rather weak genitalia (Children Palace is also indicative of female sexual health) and may have low sex drive. Especially during Decade periodic dynamics movements (己亥 and 辛丑 periods), it will add great problem to the native’s sexual health.

In Parent’s Palace, there are more bad relationship elements present therein. 破军 and 擎羊 sits within, and both are stars not known for good relationships and the positions are further weakened by 文昌 化忌 and 铃星 in the San Fang. This indicates bad relationships with parents.

Now, let us go into the Decade Periodic Cycles to determine how the luck cycle for the native was like. In 丁酉 Luck Cycle (Before 15 Years Old), the 丁  cycle Transformations in that period are 太阴 化禄, 天同 化權, 天機化科 and 巨门 化忌. The Heaven Template for Travel Palace has 巨门 化禄 transformed into Decade Period 巨门 化忌. This will render loss on the original Heaven enhanced 化禄 on 巨门 and henceforth 巨门 化忌 is manifested, causing problems with communications, scandals, misunderstandings. The 化禄 has been channeled to Career Palace (or School Palace for the native at this age) unto the 太阴 henceforth attentions are prioritized in this area which is probably studies. Since the native is a kid before 15 years of age, we should not look into her Spouse Palace.


At 戊戌 Luck cycle (16-25 Years Old), 贪狼 化禄 falls into the Decade Period Career Palace, 天機 化忌 falls into the Decade Period Friendship Palace, which is the Heaven Chart Travel Palace. The Heaven Chart Career Palace has 太陽 化權,  this indicates emphasis on work and studies at that time period. The Decade Period Spouse Palace has 廉貞, 文曲, 陀罗, and in opposition are 贪狼 化禄 and 铃星. This is an indication that there might be suitor taking fancy of the native, but the presence of 陀罗 causes hesitance from native and the Decade Period Spouse Palace is flanked by two “Empty” Palaces with no Main Stars, hence there exists a feeling of uncertainty and unease with regard to relationships. The Heaven Chart Spouse Palace at its original position also meets 火星 in Decade Period Children Palace and 天機 化忌 in San Fang. These factors are all indicative that there will be no blossom within this luck period. The Heaven Chart Life Palace has been clashed by 化忌 over the last 20 years, hence this really shakes the confidence and motivation of the native, henceforth 化禄 are used to solidify the self aspects. Since 化禄 generally are reinforced at the Decade Period Career Palaces, this naturally makes the native lose the grip on relationships.


At 己亥 Luck Cycle (26-35 Years Old), 武曲 化禄 in Decade Period Parents Palace, 文曲 化忌 in Decade Period Children Palace, and the Decade Period Life Palace San Fang are not affected by any Transformation Stars. The Decade Period Spouse Palace is the Heaven Charts Life Palace, and it is flanked by 擎羊 and 陀罗. It is also likewise flanked by two 化忌, which will possibly cause a lot of distress and frustration to the native when it comes to the affairs of the heart. With such formations, marriage is very unlikely. The Heaven Chart Children Palace has 化忌. Likewise the Decade Period Children Palace also has 化忌. This has two indications. Either the native is facing some health conditions with her sexual organs, or general female health, or that if she ever chooses to be pregnant, she might get a miscarriage.


At 庚子 Luck Cycle (36-45 Years Old), 太陽 化禄 clash Heaven Template Spouse Palace, the Heaven Template 巨门 化禄 enters the Travel Palace, the 天同 化忌 enters the Fortune Palace, is symbolic of the native not giving up in pursuit of happiness, although this is spoilt by the presence of “Empty” Palace with 地空 therein. Also, the Decade Period Spouse Palace has no 禄 stars within the San Fang, yet the Heaven Template 文昌 化忌 with 贪狼, thus implying that there is difficulty in meeting the right partner. 破军 sits in Spouse Palace, thus causing difficulties in expression of intent in relationships.


During the 辛丑 Luck Cycle (46-55 Years Old), this decade period resembles that of the original Heaven Template with the same HUA Transformers configurations. This indicates that there might be a chance to improve the situation, as the San Fang of the Decade Period Spouse Palace meets 禄 stars. This usually mean that there is a chance for marriage. However, let’s not forget that there are still the same “Empty” Palace meeting with 火星 and 地空, and that the Life Palace is still flanked by by 擎羊 and 陀罗, hence there might be more hesitation coming from the native. Beyond the ages of this Decade cycle, because the Decade Period Spouse Palace will never meet any 禄 and given the old age, the chance of any fruitful spousal relationship is extremely dim or impossible, thus the native probably has to live her life forever as a single.