518,400 Types of Zi Wei Dou Shu Charts

There are many discourses on astrology and fortune telling, particularly on how people born in the same date and time could have very different destiny. There are of course many speculations on how many different life charts can be exactly generated from Zi Wei Dou Shu given the vast amount of people in the world. In ZWDS, altogether 518,400 different life charts are generated from the birth times, which goes to show that at least 14000 people shared the same life chart if we count the world population as at 7 billion. So how do we derive at that number? The combination of 10 Tian Gan and 12 Di Zhi derives 60 Jia Zi which gives a 60 years period. Within the 60 years there are 720 months. Within 720 months are 21,600 days. And within the 21,600 days comes 259,200 Si Chens. At every Si Chen, there are altogether 518,400 total types of Life Charts for both Male and Female. This sum total is about half that of Bazi (4 Pillars of Destiny).


It is interesting to note that the number 518,400 likewise correlated exactly to that of the highly reputable Nadi Astrology Palm Leaves configurations within a year based on different planetary and ascendant configurations. This branch of Astrology is practiced in the Tamil Nadu regions, but its influence and reputation is widespread due to its prowess and intrigue. Nadi Astrology is known for the extremely powerful predictive results and the amount of details that can be derived. Likewise, it also is able to give extreme accurate predictions to the past, as well as forecasts into the future. But most importantly, it is another strong case for showing that the human lives are predestined in the matrix, and conceptually supports the theories of reincarnation, like Zi Wei Dou Shu.