Discrepancies in Months and Days Periods between San He and Si Hua Systems

I have received some questions from a reader today on why it is impossible to be accurate when setting Current Year Dou Jun to read the Life Chart. Almost every teachers and books talk about setting Dou Jun (斗君) but it is important to know that this cannot be readily used for all different schools of Zi Wei Dou Shu. This Dou Jun methodology of raising months and days is largely a practice of Flying Star Si Hua. You can’t do it in a San He based system which is the more orthodox system of Zi Wei Dou Shu. However, these facts are hardly mentioned by practitioners and thus causing alot of confusions and inaccuracies in the raising of months/days and even the reading of the Current Year.

There are several things to take note of when honing for accuracies in reading charts. First thing is to never totally utilize the Small Period to gauge for any particular year when you are reading the charts especially for the San He system. Always use Current Year based on the existing real Tai Sui year. Secondly, always bear this in mind that if you are using San He system for analysis, you cannot utilize the Palatial Stems for Transformations. This is only for Si Hua Flying Star method. San He system is a more specific system that tallies according to the actual Tai Sui Year. Henceforth one specifically has to utilize the Tai Sui stem instead of the Palace Stem to implement for the Stars Transformations.Thirdly, if you are using San He system, you cannot set Current Year Dou Jun for months/days calculations, which will totally screw up the chart. Instead, you should practice a method known as Wu Hu Dun Yue (五虎遁月) for raising of the Months Periods. This method corrects for all the mistakes that the Current Year Dou Jun will bring about. It is a very simple method as below:

1. If Jia or Ji Current Year Stem, we set First Month at Palace with Bing Stem
2. If Yi or Geng Current Year Stem, we set First Month at Palace with Wu Stem
3. If Bing or Xin Current Year Stem, we set First Month at Palace with Geng Stem
4. If Ding or Ren Current Year Stem, we set First Month at Palace with Ren Stem
5. If Wu or Gui Current Year Stem, we set First Month at Palace with Jia Stem

From the start of the month (Bing Yin) for Zheng Yue (正月; First Month) in a year, you can place for the rest of the 11 months across the palaces in a clockwise manner, and infer the Days Period subsequently using the First Day on a First Lunar month and counting clockwise. However, we would also want to establish the Stems on the Days. This can be done again with Wu Hu Dun method, and say assuming if Current Month Stem is Ji, the First Day at Palace will be calculated with Bing Stem. Subsequently you can trace to the other days with their respective Day Stems.