The Empyrean Matrix 2014 Revised Edition

The revised 2014 first edition is now officially available on both Amazon and Createspace. This edition had been corrected for all the known errors. The DEFINITIVE revised edition is available from 26 January 2014 and it is sold as the First editions on Amazon and Createspace.

Here are the changes made on the First 2013 Edition:

On a more minor note, the subtitles (especially the Chinese words) of the book cover seem to be skewed towards the right side. This has been adjusted for the new cover. Also, in the Bibliography, I had accidentally pasted in other chinese metaphysical books from the excel list when it should only just cover Zi Wei Dou Shu. This is also corrected for the updated edition.

On a more important note, the readers of the existing copies of the 2013 first edition of The Empyrean Matrix should take note of the corrigendum here, which are corrected in the updated copy:

Page 128 6.2.20- Auspicious Formation 20: Qi Sha Chao Dou
Qi Sha Chao Dou in Line 1 should be 七殺朝斗.

Page 130 6.2.24 Auspicious Formation 24: San Qi Jia Hui
Line 23- Native’s personal palaces should have Fortune, and for the others should be Travel.

Page 148 6.2.53- Auspicious Formation 52: Ke Ming Lu An
Line 2 Point 7- Instead of Tian Tong Hua Ke, it should be Tai Yin Hua Ke

Page 154 6.3.13- Malefic Formation 13: Lu Shang Mai Shi
Line 17 Header Diagram 6.61- Should be Lu Shang Mai Shi

Reader MTV565 had pointed out to me on two additional mistakes, one is with a typo in Page 24, the “Zi Wei Location Table”, whereby Lunar Birth Date 21, 5th Earth Column should be Xu instead of Chen, and Page 104 on “Xi Shen”, I left out a line, which is “may bring about prolonged illness”. Also, I notice an error in the Transformers List with a typo. It should be Tai Yin Hua Ke instead of Tian Fu Hua Ke in Geng year (Tian Fu will never Hua Ke). Also I realized misconstrued reference between the agricultural calendar calculation with the usual lunisolar calculation. All of these had been revised in the current edition.