On Ji Yue Tong Liang (機月同梁) Major Formation

Ji Yue Tong Liang (機月同梁) Formation since olden days have been considered to be a favourable formation. It essentially have Tian Ji, Tai Yin, Tian Tong and Tian Liang meeting within the same SFSZ from Life, Wealth, Career and Travel palaces. Many people have configurations that resembles Ji Yue Tong Liang formation, if they are not of generalized Sha Po Lang formations, but however the true formation only strictly adheres to either Tian Tong or Tian Liang at the Yin or Shen Life Palaces, or Tian Ji, Tai Yin at Yin or Shen Life Palaces and naturally when the above configurations happen, there will be Tian Liang, Tian Tong, Tai Yin and Tian Ji within the San Fang Si Zhen. The formation will be of high level if encountered with fortunate stars like Lu Cun, Hua Ke, Hua Quan, Hua Lu, Zuo Fu, You Bi, Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Tian Kui or Tian Yue. The Ji Yue Tong Liang Formation defines steady life, usually with bureacratic or career in the civil service. There will be lesser natives with this formation that are enterprising or of risky ventures. While high favoured in the past for civil service, in modern society, especially in countries with emphasis on corporate culture, Ji Yue Tong Liang natives might not make the cut in this cut throat culture that are largely dominated by Sha Po Lang natives.Essentially, there are four types of Ji Yue Tong Liang Formations at Life Palaces:

1. Tian Ji and Tai Yin at Yin Palace.
2. Tian Ji and Tai Yin at Shen Palace
3. Tian Tong and Tian Liang at Shen Palace.
4. Tian Tong and Tian Liang at Yin Palace.

While ancient texts supported that Ji Yue Tong Liang as that of a stable and fortunate formation, unfortunately, many of the Main Stars within the Ji Yue Tong Liang Formation will not be spared of suffering dim magnitudes. Henceforth while stability and steady progression may be possible, the formation has some flaws. Particularly for native with Type 3, whereby Tian Tong and Tian Liang are at Shen Palace, Tian Liang and Tai Yin within the SFSZ naturally falls into dim magnitude in their respective palaces thus bringing about more negative aspects of the stars. the other types have stars at worst at Ping magnitude, henceforth not as bad as Type 3.