Transformers Conversion Methods

The Transformers Conversion Methods are “SECRET” methods of flying the four transformers by Master/Teacher/Author 梁若瑜 who is renowned (hence not so secret anymore) for his unique ways and protocols of “scoring” transformers in any given palaces, as well as the conversion processes between them with heavy emphasis on the karmic cycles of the transformers. The conversion processes dependent on hypothetical conditions will treat one Lu and one Ji interaction either as Two Lu or Two Ji. Subsequently these can be stringed together as Three, Four Lu or Ji during the flights. These methods will differ from the traditional SiHua trajectory and these will serve as educational references. To cite an example, a case study will be elaborated on a Girl born in 1988 July 11, 10:30am (Solar Time) who had been rebellious and left school around at 16, and over period of 16-18 years old, solicited customers from nightspots and subsequently earned herself lots of money.

SiHua Liang

Life Palace at Yi Chou and Fortune Palace at Yi Mao send forth two Hua Ji to Tai Yin and encountered Tai Yin Birth Hua Quan at Wealth Palace (Superficial Palace of Fortune) which creates a scenario of Two Ji and One Quan which activated rebellion. One thing to note is that Fortune Palace passing a Ji over to Wealth Palace is an outflow Hua Ji (bad temper) and encountering Quan (intensity). Travel Palace (Prime Palace) at Ji Wei has Tian Ji with Birth Hua Ji and it send forth another Ji to Wen Qu at Wealth Palace. Wen Qu Hua Ji means difficulties in learning or study. “Ji brings Ji” means that from the Travel Palace, one Ji is sent over, which results in total of three Hua Ji and one Hua Quan a the Wealth Palace. This is a sign of extreme behaviour with poor thinking, and particularly at 16 years of age (which is at the Travel Palace/Decade Health Palace also as the emotional palace), will result in the trigger of the Tian Ji Hua Ji within.

Travel Palace at Ji Wei sends forth a Ji to Property Palace causing Wu Qu to Hua Ji. We will chase forth to Children Palace (Sexual Palace) in opposition which is Ren Xu and therein sits Tan Lang Birth Hua Lu. The Children Palace sends “Ji Brings Lu” when it causes the transformation of Wu Qu to Hua Lu into the Property Palace. This creates two Lu at Property Palace. Property Palace at Bing Chen in turn sends “Ji Brings 2 Lu” to Lian Zhen at Siblings Palace (Property of Wealth). We will chase forth to Parents Palace at Jia Yin (Seniors Palace) which sends a Lu to Lian Zhen at Siblings Palace, and within the Siblings Palace at Jia Zi, Lian Zhen also has “Self Hua Lu”. Altogether this brings about Four Lus in the Siblings Palace. This is a sign that the native utilizes peach blossom to solicit customers (mostly seniors) and she is taken care of by elderly men who paid her with good money as kept woman. Since Siblings Palace at Jia Yin (Property of Wealth) gather this good money, it sends forth “Ji Brings 4 Lu” to Tai Yang at Career Palace and we chase forth to Health Palace Geng Shen which also contributes to another Hua Lu to Tai Yang at Career Palace. This is indicative that she is having alot of benefits by this making this career choice in her life, regretably.