Affinity towards Religion, Occult, Spirituality, etc…

There were recent articles on how certain stars in the charts will determine affinity towards the Five Arts, Religion, Occult, Spirituality,etc. This type of article however need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Anyway, the article generally mentions that if Di Kong or Di Jie falls within Life Palace or Fortune Palace, the native will be predisposed to abstract thoughts and spiritual pursuits, or even asceticism (monk, priest life). When Tian Tong is in Life or Fortune, the native will have affinity towards Buddhism and I-Ching. If Tan Lang is in Life or Fortune, the native will be adept in metaphysics. Tian Liang will have affinity in Buddhism and philosophies and Tian Ji in metaphysics. I am again reminded of my earlier posts on “Spouse Appearances” been taken too literally by some readers without understanding that hypotheses need to be formed by many other factors, and that the stars themselves only serve a general basis. This is pop culture ZWDS for bored housewives and it should probably just stay at where the TV screen or magazine is. If the above conditions are true, we will definitely have alot of monks, wizards and mediums walking amongst us! There are some basis to the writings, but the conditions are alot more stringent. Let’s take the Emptiness Stars for example. I know some of the most materialistic people with these stars in their Life Palace or SFSZ and they seem far from any enlightenment or realization.

The conditions that determine affinity towards the above aspects are a mixed bag. Three main stars we look out for are Tai Yang, Tai Yin and Tian Ji. Tai Yang signifies Yang Chi abundance. If Tai Yang is dimmed, it could mean that there is a shortfall of Yang, which will create more affinity towards the supernatural. Tai Yin is the opposite of Tai Yang. A stronger Tai Yin signifies Yin Chi abundance. Stronger Yin over Yang creates affinity towards the supernatural. A stronger Tai Yang person is more rational (just like a stronger Fire element person in Bazi context have lesser belief in religion and spirituality) whereas a stronger Tai Yin person will show more interest. Tian Ji signifies the thought processes. If there Hua Ji which afflicts the mental, there is a higher chance of Tong Ling (通靈) which means communication with the otherside. The other conditions are: Yin Sha, which enhances manifestation of “entities”, and it will grow in strength if it encounters strong Yin stars counterparts. Di Kong and Di Jie, which acts as geological blackholes to strip away “physical and mental” qualities. Tian Wu, the Shaman star, particularly affiliated to mediumship and western religions.

There is a formation known as Xian Tian Tong Ling (先天通靈) and it is one of the most common feature of medium. Not everybody can be a medium. They need to have Tian Liang (the Religion Star) to encounter the Emptiness Stars (this meeting need to take place in either Life, Fortune or Travel Palaces), as well as separately, Yin Sha in Life or Travel Palace, and Tian Ji Hua Ji. Also everybody mention that Tan Lang brings metaphysical quality. This is not always the case. The activation of Tan Lang’s metaphysical quality can only be brought about in several conditions: if the Water side of the star is curbed in the Life, Fortune or Travel Palaces; encounter with Tian Xing (which purifies Tan Lang) and preferably having Emptiness Stars either in the same palace or opposition. Presences of other malevolent stars (except Ling Xing or Huo Xing) actually advance the metaphysical quality. Now the thing about Tan Lang, unlike Tian Liang (and even the rest of the other stars) is that it can NEVER be possessed. Tian Liang medium can be possessed to perform divine work, but Tan Lang is a star of personal enlightenment, and it can control Deities, Spirits and Ghosts, but never gets controlled by Deities, Spirits and Ghosts. That is why there are many Tan Lang practitioners in the Five Arts.

When the natives have powerful Yin Sha affinity with the other Yin stars (like Tai Yin), and separately Tian Ji Hua Ji in Life, Travel and Fortune but without affinity towards religiosity or metaphysical practices, there are very strong tendencies towards encounters or possessions, especially when triggered to meet some of the ghost stars. Ju Men is the most proper Ghost Star, as well as facilitator of black magic and sorcery. However when read as periodic charts, it generally indicates encounter with ghosts. Another star to look out for is Lian Zhen. This is the basis of the Five Ghost stars that are dreadfully popular amongst some practices for wealth enhancement by the Mao Shan sect as well as indicators of malevolence by 8 Mansions Fengshui and it essentially are bunch of five animal spirits (although Five Ghosts rituals shaped them like humans).