Reading Lists for February

ZiYunAfter the completion of “The Prosperity Sigma”, it is time to relax with more good readings on Zi Wei Dou Shu. I would encourage readers who are already familiar with ZWDS to enlarge their scopes with some of these reading material that I heartily recommend, but these are unfortunately only for Chinese readers since the books are written in Chinese. One of the highlights of 2013 last year is this book by 紫雲 (Zi Yun), highly renowned practitioner/ teacher/ author and major proponent of the San He sect school of thoughts. This book that I am recommending is 從斗數談官祿主 published by 武陵. This book is revolutionary, and it brings a new perspective to the determination of career and prospects by introducing the concept of getting 卦象 (Gua Xiang) from the Main Stars. Steps involve new concepts of using the four pillars of birth to determine new palatial locations, and Main Stars relocations based on transformers to establish new Career Master location. Very insightful and exciting book that kept many ZWDS people happy.

Ziwei yi deThe other book is an 2004 publication by the name 紫微一得 by renowned polymath, metaphysics scholar 鐘義明 (Zhong Yi Ming). This book along with most of his other publications are DEFINITIVE Zi Wei Dou Shu treatises, but this one is the magnum opus. This is another one of those excellent publications by 武陵. This book go into the many academic and scientific aspects of ZWDS with critical essays, and the best part is it covers everything that you want to know about ZWDS in very rigorous details from a true masterly scholar.


Another book that is interesting for most readers is a 1985 Si Tak publication by 郑稼学 (Zheng Jia Xue) and it is titled 紫微的神秘领域. This book is an interesting book that talks about the spiritual, mysterious and ghostly aspects of Zi Wei Dou Shu. This book is something like a “critical” homage to the ZWDS legend 正玄山人 (Zheng Xuan Shan Ren) who had spiritual epiphany of the aspects of Xuan Kong Transformers and the concepts of Heaven, Earth and Man. This book even analyzed the charts of this legend.

Another book that might be worth checking out is the 钦天紫微皇天大可汗 dual volumes by 蔡明宏 (Cai Ming Hong), Grandmaster of 欽天四化派 (Qin Tian Flying Star Sect) that were released late last year. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the books to discuss about it. These volumes seemed exclusive (and expensive), and of course the contents could possibly be in the highly interesting, original and esoteric nature of his usual writings. I heard that this is like a super mythological, history extravaganza mixed in with alot of ZWDS thoughts and concepts. This will be interesting if anyone can get their hands on it.

That’s all for February’s Reading List!