The Complex Nature of Po Jun in Ancient and Modern Context

When we look at part of the lyrics from the 女命骨髓賦 (Female Marrow Prose), we will see 破軍一曜性難明 (It is difficult to understand the character of Po Jun). The descriptor is that of a solitary star of debauchery, that is unfavourable for female life, and if four malevolence are encountered, the native will be that of unscrupulous connivance, hurtful to offsprings because of envy and lust, otherwise that of lowly promiscuity. In our current modern society, of course we have to practice more discretion when it comes to such dramatic description, because an absolute statement like this will tend to have serious consequences.

The part about “difficult to understand the character of Po Jun”, in all fairness usually points to Po Jun at either Zi, Wu, Mao or You locations as Life Palace, and specifically only on women. Po Jun in occupation at Life Palace with Lian Zhen at Mao or You locations in a female native chart is deemed as particularly bad. This is supported by the line from 紫微斗數全集 (Zi Wei Dou Shu Complete Volumes)  with 破軍卯酉不為榮,加殺遇劫為奸盜,此係刑邪之定論 (Po Jun at Mao and Yu is shameful. If encountered with Malevolence or Robbing Stars the native will be of evil.) Such configurations can only point to meeting of Po Jun with Lian Zhen at Mao or You locations. When the stars are here, one will be Ping and the other will be Xian. The ancient verses pointed out that only Yi, Xin and Gui Birth natives will be beneficial, Jia, Geng and Bing natives is not lasting. The chaotic and unstable nature of Po Jun meets the emotionally complex nature of Lian Zhen within the Life Palace, are met by the orderly and righteous nature of Tian Xiang influencing from the Travel Palace in opposition.

Such combinations cause overt complexity in the mental state of the native due to the conflicting nature. If there are presences of Lu Cun or Hua Lu or auspicious fortunate stars within vicinity, the conflicted nature will be stabilized. If malevolent stars like Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Hua Ji, Huo Xing or Ling Xing are in vicinity, the conflicted nature will be augmented. What is mentioned in the ancient texts as “evil” should be viewed in the modern context as unstable. However when we explore the three directions of Po Jun and Lian Zhen at Life Palace, there is Wu Qu and Tan Lang in Career Palace and Zi Wei and Qi Sha in Wealth Palace. These are formidable and aggressive combinations. However there are many permutations to it. Malevolence in vicinity increases solitary and eccentric nature, fortunate stars in vicinity increases affinity with people.

Yi Birth causes Zi Wei Hua Ke which increases wealth making ability, Ren Birth causes Zi Wei Hua Quan which increases selfishness and bigotry, Ji Birth causes Lian Zhen to Hua Lu which brings exceptional ambition, Bing Birth causes Lian Zhen to Hua Ji which creates many dilemma in life, Gui Birth causes Po Jun Hua Lu which improves enterprising and makes it hardworking (if Huo Xing and Ling Xing are met, easy failures. if Qing Yang and Tuo Luo are met, easy legal entanglement).

In a traditional society in Ancient China, women are favoured to be subservient housewives. Naturally if the female native was of a more active and aggressive nature, she will be frowned upon and easily judged as promiscuous, hurtful to relationships, disobedient. And when the female native is of a more aggressive, opinionated and opportunistic personality, naturally she would had caused much domestic harmony within traditional households given that she was “trapped” in those settings. However, in modern society, since such Po Jun/Lian Zhen natives are bestowed with some of the qualities as stated above, these women will be very successful career women,  far from the pathetic descriptions from ancient texts. So always exercise discretion when making sense of ancient texts in the modern context. So after these writings, it should clear up some air that while it is now not very hard to understand the complex nature of Po Jun from the Female Marrow Prose, women in general are still quite hard to understand. But that is another matter altogether.