The Conundrum of 四正同臨 Formation

There are many ZWDS practitioners who are critical of the 四正同臨 (Si Zhen Tong Ling) Formation, and it is generally regarded as an illogical error from ancient writings. This is not related to the ZWDS concepts of 三方四正 (San Fang Si Zhen). The Si Zhen in question here had been open to many interpretations. The ancient prose mentioned 四正来临居旺地,一生爵禄定非常。文为辅弼依龙凤,武掌兵权佐帝王。Modern practitioners deemed that the stars associated in this formation in question namely Zi Wei, Tian Fu, Tai Yang and Tai Yin at highest Miao Wang magnitude will be defined as the Si Zhen. The ancient descriptor for this formation is mentioned with ancient extravagance, citing great literary and military talent, fit to be king. There is one such condition, that is if Zi Wei is at Wu Life Palace, all the rest of Tian Fu, Tai Yang and Tai Yin will be at Miao Wang locations which fit the descriptors. 王亭之 (Wang Ting Zhi) had however mentioned that this formation cannot be used absolutely to describe the great outcomes as the overall condition of the native and how he or she will fare is dependent on many other factors.

This is the general theories of recent ages. However the concept of Si Zhen (四正; Four Trues) is also interpreted differently because the original idea of Si Zhen are 子,午,卯,酉 (Zi, Wu, Mao and You) four locations. These are defined as the 正北 (True North; Imum Coeli), 正南 (True South; Medium Coeli), 正東 (True East; Ascent),正西 (True West; Descent).The four original locations in Early and Later Heaven Trigrams are defined as 乾坤坎離 (Qian, Kun, Kan and Li) also defined as 天地水火 (Heaven, Earth, Water and Fire). ☰ (Qian) is the Yang Energy, ☷ (Kun) is the Yin Energy. Both ☰ and ☷ through interaction of Yaos procreated ☵ (Kan) and ☲ (Li). The respective 乾坤坎離 (Qian, Kun, Kan and Li) of the stars are seen here. The Early Heaven ☰ (Qian) refers to Zi Wei (Yang) Ruler of the North Pole and ☷ (Kun) refers to Tian Fu (Yin) Ruler of the South Pole. These arrangements are defined differently in Later Heaven definition of Zi wei as Yin or Tian Fu as Yang. Also subsequently ☲ (Li) of Later Heaven becomes Tai Yang (Fire; Day Spirit), ruler of Mid Heaven and ☵ (Kan) of Later Heaven becomes Tai Yin (Water, Night Spirit), ruler of Mid Heaven.

These Four Main Stars of supreme perfection if they are to occupy the Life Palaces, especially back to the  子,午,卯,酉 (Zi, Wu, Mao and You), and also if without malevolence or emptiness stars in San Fang Si Zhen and with fortunate stars in SFSZ, the native will fit the criteria of the formation largely to support a fortunate hypothesis. There will be no co-occupancy and the four stars will never be altogether in the four locations at the same time. However, while the formation is nevertheless still a logical fallacy, it is important to approach such conundrums on all theoretical possibilities.