Si Hua Test for Poor Affinity to Wealth

This is a section taken from “The Prosperity Sigma”. Although the book is San He-based, I have included some Si Hua material as tools for readers to use.  One of the example is with the Test for Poor Affinity to Wealth.

The essential condition for poor affinity to wealth is that when Wealth Palace sends forth Hua Ji to either Travel Palace or Parents Palace which subsequently clashes with Life or Health Palaces. A Life Palace clash is conspicuous. A Health Palace clash is hidden. This is the first level basis of Poor Wealth Affinity. The second level is of bad financial luck during Decade Periods. The conditions are: 1) Decade Life will send forth Hua Ji and it will clash with Birth Wealth Palace (from Birth Fortune Palace), or 2.) Decade Wealth will send forth Hua Ji and it will clash with Birth Life (from Birth Travel) or Decade Life (from Decade Travel), or it will clash itself (when sends to Decade Fortune Palace).


This is an example of both Poor Affinity to Wealth as well as financial problems in Decade Period (Bing Zi). The native has Birth Wealth Palace at Bing stem sending Hua Ji to Travel Palace. Bing transformation is Tong Hua Lu, Tian Ji Hua Quan, Wen Chang Hua Ke, Lian Zhen Hua Ji. The Travel Palace clashes with the Life Palace. This is the first sign that this native is not fated to money. Now, let’s look at the Decade Period at Bing Zi. During this period, his Decade Wealth Palace is at Birth Career Palace and it is at Ren stem. Ren transformation is Tian Liang Hua Lu, Zi Wei Hua Quan, Zuo Fu Hua Ke, Wu Qu Hua Ji. Hua Ji is sent to the Decade Fortune (Birth Spouse) palace and it “self-clashes” back to the Decade Wealth Palace. Thirdly, once again Decade Life at Bing (Birth Wealth) will again send a Hua Ji to Lian Zhen to Birth Travel (Decade Spouse) which clashes back to Birth Life Palace. During the fifth decade cycle, this native should NEVER partake in any investments, and should remain extremely cautious with his finances as there will be serious deficit problem.