The Harmful Effects of Jia and Yi Stems, Tai Yang Hua Ji and Tai Yin Hua Ji for Spousal Relationships

In this article, I will share with you some simple and effective ways to determine potential problems concerning a native’s spousal relationship as well as prospect of marriage or not. Regardless of wherever Tai Yang or Tai Yin is in the native’s chart, be it in Spouse Palace or other palaces, these two stars will be useful for determining spousal status. Tai Yang will represent the Male native self, or the prospective Spouse, while Tai Yin will represent the Female native self, or the prospective Spouse.

When Tai Yang Hua Ji, the status of the prospective Male Spouse will be unclear, whereas when Tai Yin Hua Ji, the status of the prospective Female Spouse will be unclear. Any intelligent reader will query on why the status is unclear? The answer lies in the nature of Hua Ji which usually have two signs of extremities: lack, or excess. Henceforth Tai Yang Hua Ji or Tai Yin Hua Ji usually stand to mean that there will be no marriage at all, or otherwise many marriages. And in addition to this phenomenon, Male Natives do not favour Life Palace at Yi Stems and Tai Yin will be at Spouse Palace, while Female Natives do not favour Life Palace at Jia Stems and Tai Yang will be at Spouse Palace. Likewise if Tai Yang is at Life Palace in Female Native and Spouse Palace at Jia Palace and if Tai Yin is at Life Palace in Male Native and  Spouse Palace at Yi Palace, it will be unfavourable too.

And upon further analysis, if Tai Yang or Tai Yin is at Life/Travel Palaces or Spouse/Career Palaces, or Parents/Health Palaces, whenever Decade Period meets Jia or Yi Heavenly Stems, they will cause Tai Yang or Tai Yin to Hua Ji and henceforth “unclear” status also. Furthermore, what if a Male Native have Tai Yang Hua Ji in Spouse Palace or if a Female Native have Tai Yin Hua Ji in Spouse Palace? The above rules likewise apply the same, there will be “unclear” status in spouse relationship.

Therefore specific Birth Stems to take note of are Wu and Gui Years. These natives have to take extra precaution when it concerns spousal relationships. Because they will tend to have sequences of Jia, Yi, Jia, Yi  from Zi Palace to Mao Palace, and if Decade Period pass by these palaces, there will be potential problems with relationships.