The Secret Relationships of Heart and Kidneys

Here we will go into some aspects of Chinese Medicine theories with respect to Zi Wei Dou Shu and discuss about the most common ailments that can affect significant amount of people, which are heart and kidney diseases. Most people would have found little significance or relationship between heart and kidney diseases, treating them as mutually exclusive problems due to lifestyle habits, but these organs are actually closely related to each other. And potential problems of heart and kidney problems can be easily observed from ZWDS charts.

In Chinese Medicine theories, the Heart and Kidneys have to be “connected” for interactivity in order to function properly and thus give health. Shen (神) defines Heart of Elemental Fire. Jing (精) defines Kidneys of Elemental Water. And Zhi (志) defines Spleen/Guts of Elemental Earth. In order for Fire and Water to be connected, Earth has to be stable. Fire of Heart will warm the Water of Kidney to keep it regulated. Water of Kidney will nourish and calm the Fire of Heart to keep it regulated. If there are problems, the Fire of Heart will be increased or otherwise the Water of Kidney will be increased. When the connections are well established, the native will be energetic. Onset of problems begin with lack of energy. This is followed by either headaches (increase of Fire) or sore kidneys (increase of Water). And subsequently the next phase will either be heart attack or kidney failures. So can these be checked from ZWDS charts? Yes, of course.

During analysis of the charts, if the Birth Life Palace or Travel Palace, or Birth Parents Palace or Health Palace, as well as Decade Life Palace of Travel Palace, or Decade Parents Palace or Health Palace have one Water elemental stars (e,g Tai Yin, Tian Tong, etc) and one Fire elemental stars (e.g.Tai Yang, Lian Zhen), and one of them happen to Hua Ji either as predestined birth transformation or during periods, chances are there will be no connections between the Heart and the Kidneys. If it is a predestined condition, the native will already be afflicted with either Heart or Kidney diseases (depending on where the Hua Ji is, either on Fire elemental or Water elemental stars). If it happens during periods, there will be this imminent risk at that time. So what is the remedy? Very simple, the trick is to keep the Spleen/Guts healthy as a functional medium between heart and kidneys, by reduction of stress, exercises and eating nutritious food. Skeptical? Try to read  and validate the charts of heart attack and kidney failure patients.