Indication of Homosexuality with Tai Yang, Tai Yin, Hua Ji and Hua Ke

People had been asking me about what are some of the many possibilities of Zi Wei Dou Shu and when they hear the answers they are both surprised and doubtful. Most of them are very skeptical about the many information that are derived from some astrological charts because traditionally the astrology they are exposed to do not have such power of clairvoyance. For those of them who had the chance to be exposed to a blind testing, they turned converts. I call them the doused fire, because I suspect they must have alot of fire in their Bazi charts which cause them to be extremely rational and skeptical. One of the most interesting question often asked by both skeptics and practitioners of ZWDS is how can one determine the sexual orientation like homosexuality based on the charts?

There had been many theories that people had put forward in determining homosexuality in the charts. I have heard of theories concerning Tan Lang or Lian Zhen Hua Ji and associations with Wen Chang and Wen Qu, or practitioners going all over the charts like the Friends Palace, etc, as well as a whole host of other theories. These theories remain theories, and after many cases that I have seen, these theories do not apply at all. Here, I will be talking about much more effective ways in determining homosexuality in the charts, that are simple and elegant.

There are some important stars that need to be observed in the Birth Charts before we can indicate the native’s predisposition towards homosexuality. And these are the stars Tai Yang and Tai Yin, as well as the transformers Hua Ji and Hua Ke. These factors will serve as important considerations during analysis, and they are primarily the main culprits behind sexual orientations.

In order to establish definitive conclusion of homosexuality, there need to be at least three conditions fulfilled out of the Major and Minor Indicators as listed below. While these indicators establish a inborn predisposition towards homosexuality, if Tai Yin or Tai Yang stars are constantly afflicted throughout decade periods, it may cause the native to develop homosexual inclinations, and this is usually seen in bisexual females in my case studies. Male natives usually are more predisposed to Early Heaven settings.

Major Indicators:

1. Establishing the Early Heaven Condition for Ri Yue Ke Hai Formation (日月剋害; Afflicted Sun and Moon): The first and foremost criteria I set is to find where the Day Master and the Body Master lies. Do you still remember how to derive the Day Master and Body Master? Refer to Page 33 in “The Empyrean Matrix”. After these two stars are determined, check where these stars are located in the palaces. Take note of the palace stems. If the palace stems transform Tai Yang or Tai Yin to Hua Ji, the first and most important criteria had been set for homosexuality. For your reference: Jia Stem causes Tai Yang Hua Ji, and Yi Stem causes Tai Yin Hua Ji.

2. Checking on magnitude of Tai Yang and Tai Yin. What are their magnitude? Ideally male natives should have brighter Tai Yang than Tai Yin, whereas female natives should have brighter Tai Yin than Tai Yang, no matter where the locations they sit in. If it turns out otherwise, there is an indication that the Yin Yang balance scale of the native is tipped. This however cannot be applied definitively, because an overtly Yang female or Yin male may still be straight. There are instances when both Tai Yang and Tai Yin are of high magnitude, and both Tai Yang and Tai Yin are dimmed. Normally, I will also treat such cases as “unbalanced” also, with the latter being the Ri Yue Fan Bei Formation (日月反背; Darksides of Sun and Moon) that is more common amongst homosexuals. However, as I emphasize again, there are many straight people with these qualities, and one need to at least establish three indicators as a definitive tick on the homosexuality score.

3. Tai Yang Hua Ji or Tai Yin Hua Ji are very important indicators. Special note has to be taken if they are within the Life, Body, Spouse or Children Palaces. Inclination towards homosexuality is further amplified if there are presences of malevolent stars in the vicinity. Unlike Ri Yue Ke Hai Formation, these transformations may be propelled by other palaces. If these conditions match with Major Indicator 1, the homosexuality score becomes a 100% without getting all three conditions in place.

4. If Tai Yang or Tai Yin are within Life, Body Palaces and simultaneously, there are Tai Yin or Tai Yang Hua Ke elsewhere, especially at Career Palace, it will be established as another condition for homosexuality. Tai Yang or Tai Yin Hua Ke in Life or Body Palaces will also be considered especially if they are possessed by opposite sexes (e.g. males with Tai Yin Hua Ke).

Minor Indicators:

5. In Life Palace-Travel Palace, and Fortune Palace-Wealth Palace, if there is an abundance of Main Stars of water elements like Po Jun, Tai Yin, Tian Tong, etc and met with metal or fire based Minor Stars like Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing, Ling Xing, Tian Kui, Tian Yue, Di Kong, Di Jie, etc.

6. When the Main Stars of water elements have Self Hua Ji or Self Hua Ke along the Life-Travel Line, Children-Property Line and the Spouse-Career Line. (For those unclear about this Flying Star concept of Self Hua Ke or Self Hua Ji, it means that e.g. if Tian Tong sits in say Children Palace with Geng Stem, there will be Self Hua Ji because Geng Stem causes Tian Tong Hua Ji).