Usage of Mid Period and Periodic Body Palace

I am writing here about 沈平山 Shen Ping Shan’s unique legacy because I am delighted that I finally manage to collect all his books. His books were actually sold everywhere in the past, but because books are expensive, I only had poor photocopies. Time has passed and while I am not any richer, I have become more generous to myself (bottomline: be kind to yourself). The material from this Grandmaster of 星化派紫微斗數 (Xin Hua Sect) are some of the most highly original and interesting in Zi Wei Dou Shu, especially if you are interested in the San He schools, because he had many exceptional ideas that are only exclusive to his teachings. Shen Ping Shan is a highly renowned and eccentric legend, and his teachings are much sought after material. He brought forth many interesting concepts, one of it being Mid Period, which is he stated as the secret key that many San He and Si Hua practitioners missed out to improve on accurate readings.

Why the emphasis on Mid Periods? According to Grandmaster Shen’s reasoning, in olden day agricultural societies, there are little variations in life, hence it takes longer to notice changes (Decade for example). However in the modern day society, changes happen so often, that within span of 3 years, there might be some major changes. Hence the importance of Mid Period.

Mid Periods of course lies somewhere in between Decade Period and Small Period, and its calculations are unique. Every Decade Period will have 4 Mid Periods. Each of the Mid Period consists of 2.5 years. So how do we calculate for Mid Periods? The First Mid Period is at the Travel Palace of the specific Decade Period. The Second Mid Period is at the specific Decade Period Life Palace. The Third Mid Period is at the Wealth Palace of the specific Decade Period. And the Fourth Mid Period is at the Fortune Palace of the specific Decade Period.

Other aspects of his teachings involve the usage of Body Palace that move along to periods. So in this respect, the position of the Body Palace will be changed with any periods, at the same configuration with respect to original layout in proximity to the Life Palace. His characteristics of the Stars are detailed and unique. The star characteristics are not fanciful and flowery as the old texts, but detail specific function and implication. For example, he laid formula for murder: Bad Tempered Star (e.g. Qi Sha) + Scandal Star (e.g. Ju Men) + Hurtful Star (e.g. Huo Xing) + Funereal Star (e.g.Tai Yin). He also has some different interpretations of the stars. E.g. Tian Kui and Tian Yue both fortunate assistant stars in conventional ZWDS are the ghost of death and killing blade.

Here I will state an example on how Shen Ping Shan performs his ZWDS. This case study is on a native who undergoes heart surgery and sustained on the first heart for about one hour, which led to accumulation of water in lungs due to leakage. Subsequently when he was replaced with a second heart, he died at 32 years old. This native is a Yin Male born in 31 March 1925 at 13:35pm Solar Time. During Mid Period (32-34.5; at Natal Property Palace) there is Tai Yin, Tian Tong, Tian Kui. In opposition, are Tian Kong and Jie Kong. This is an indication that there is accumulation of water in the lungs. In his star characteristics here, Tai Yin is Kidney/Water, Tian Tong is Lungs, Tian Kui is Accumulate, and both Jie Kong and Tian Kong are leakage.


As the Body Palace in his teaching follows the Periodic Life Palace, the Periodic Body Palace of this Mid Period lies in Natal Friend. Within the Body Period Palace, Tai Yang, Ju Men and Tian Yue clashes, which results in heart surgery. Because Tai Yang is Heart, Ju Men is removal, and Tian Yue is surgery here. Because there are indicators of two separate palaces, in order to meld and harmonize them together, Tian Tong has played its function (Tian Tong= transplant, collaboration, piece together). Since the periodic cycles has come into contact with Tian Tong, it is an indicator of Heart Surgery.

At 32 years old, the Current Year Tai Sui has arrived at Shen location (Natal Siblings Palace). It meets Tian Yue (surgery), and clash with Ju Men (failure). Also, since Body Palaces of periods are fluid, the Body Palace of Current Year is at Xu location (Natal Parents). Since the Body encounters Jie Shen (treatment), Yin Sha (weird disease) and Huo Xing (infection), the surgery is unable to save the body. So from the chart, we can infer that the Mid Period brings about heart surgery, and the Current Year brings about failure in surgery.