On the Many Methods of Calculations of Dou Jun

Recently there are many enquiries on how to calculate for Dou Jun. There are many methods of calculating and deriving Dou Jun but because of the surfeit of styles, sometimes it confuses alot of beginners who are trying their hands in the calculations. Dou Jun essentially is used to derive Month periods, which is a characteristic of most Flying Stars schools of calculations.There is a standard conventional method of calculation of Dou Jun with the establishment of the Zi Year Dou Jun to calculate for the rest of the months. This is standard practice taught in the schools and it is of course the most tedious. But I will still urge learners to use this method to understand the basis of deriving Dou Jun. And yet there are also alternative methods that I will list that are otherwise getting simpler and simpler. Towards the end, I highly recommend that the practitioners use a secret cheat Method 4 as it is the easiest to use!

Method 1: Calculation of Zi Year Dou Jun and using it for Current Year Dou Jun

Establish the Zi location on your chart. Using your lunar birth months calculate anti-clockwise based on the number the months represents (for example 3 for third lunar month). At the location where you stopped, mark X. From X then calculate clockwise based on the number derived from your birth time (example Shen is 9). You will arrive at location Y. This is your Zi Year Dou Jun which is actually your Birth Dou Jun depending on some school of thoughts.

To calculate for Current Year Dou Jun using this method, utilize the Zi Year Dou Jun location and refer to the Tai Sui Year Branch (for example 2014 Jia Wu year, Wu is the branch). Use the number represented by Wu Branch (=7) and calculate clockwise to the new location from where we established Zi Year Dou Jun. This will be the Current Year Dou Jun. And this is also the first month of the year. The subsequent months will be referred to along the subsequent palaces in clockwise direction.

Method 2: Calculation for Current Year Dou Jun using Tai Sui Branch

Say assuming 2014 is Jia Wu Year. Life Palace will be at Wu Stem location. From here calculate anti-clockwise based on Birth Lunar Month. Mark location X. Then subsequently calculate clockwise based on the Birth Time. This location will be the Current Year Dou Jun position. From here we will derive this as first month of year and calculate subsequently clockwise to establish rest of months in the different palaces.

With the same method, we establish Birth Dou Jun based on the year the native is born. We will calculate anticlockwise from the Life Palace in natal chart based on Birth Lunar month numerations, set location X and clockwise from location X based on Birth Time numerations. We will then derive the Birth Dou Jun. This Birth Dou Jun is defined differently from Method 1 and they will actually be different. *This is the only difference amongst the 4 methods.

Method 3: Calculation for Current Year Dou Jun based on Life to Yin Location

See where the Birth Life Palace is and calculate anti-clockwise to the Yin location. Take note of the number Y. Then check where the Current Year palace is and calculate clockwise based on number Y to the Current Year Dou Jun location. And from here we establish as the first month and clockwise to establish for the rest of the months.

Method 4: Calculation for Current Year Dou Jun based on Yin Location

Observe the Yin Location in the Birth Chart and see what palace is it. Say assuming it is Children Palace. During the Current Year, e.g. 2014. The Current Year Children Palace will be the Current Year Dou Jun. From here we can establish the first month as such, and clockwise to establish all the rest of the months.

There are at least several more methods not stated here! Needless to say, if you look carefully at the calculations all are similar. You then decide which method you deem fit as the easiest! This is but one of the many secrets and tricks in Zi Wei Dou Shu that will be slowly exposed to the enthusiasts.