Case Study and Practice: Fatal Car Accident

In the practice of ZWDS there are some instances when charts are difficult to analyse even though when the time information is all correct. I am of course no stranger to such problems as sometimes some charts do elude interpretations. Therefore I am not comfortable to stick to one system when I am doing interpretation, for there is a likelihood that there will be inadequacy in forming accurate readings. Despite what the proponents of the San He and Flying Star schools say, one cannot just rely on any one system and expect to get perfect score on chart reading. A dedicated and responsible practitioner will not treat one system as the absolute; he or she needs a second system of verification, sometimes even out of the realms of ZWDS like Bazi to do confirmatory interpretations. The laws and rules of certain schools and sects are rigid, and for the same reasons they may actually lead the readers down to roads of inaccuracy. Henceforth the best way for any readers to read with confidence is actually to have adequate education on at least two or more varieties of practical methods, and most importantly to have as many case studies and examples to gather their observations, form opinions and to “improve” on the dogma and shortfalls of the respective schools.

Below is a chart from a native who is born in 21 July 1960 at the Xu hour. He and his family of 4 got into a car accident in Indonesia (they were in a car that plunged from the cliff) on a fateful date and unfortunately all of them perished. This case study is supplied by my good friend and collaborator Brother Keong and it was used as an earlier challenge to many practitioners to correctly find the date of the event, at least down to the month level. Sadly 98% of practitioners (some of them Master level) failed. As a clue to aid in the reading, it happened in the Decade Period between 42-51 years of age (2001-2010).

Traffic Accident

Most people applied their taught ZWDS knowledge ranging from Flying Stars to San He and chose a common year for this casualty (a very apparent observation actually). The answers are wrong. Only one person could get the year correct but interpreted the month wrongly. And this person used Bazi reading as a backup. This case study will be for the fellow enthusiasts to pick on their brains and come up with the correct date. All you need to find is the year and month of the accident. As a hint to some of the avid readers of the blog; never trust the obvious (edit). Once a pattern has been established, prepare to forgo some of the dogma of using purely Dou Jun and consider the Wu Hu Dun method to get the month of event. Good luck!