Case Study and Practice: Working Lady

Here is a case study based on a woman who went into prostitution and subsequently became a matron. This will also be a useful reference for enthusiasts who would like to see the usual and the “unusual” Flying Stars methods of interpretation that ultimately arrive at very accurate prognosis. This case study is performed on the latest version of Brother Keong’s software.


She is born on western calendar 22 September 1959 at 0250am. From the above chart, let’s analyze the metaphysical reasons why her fate is associated with this profession.

1. Peach Blossom abundance: Po Jun (Yin Water), Tian Yao (Yin Water) thrive in Ren Shen Life Palace (Tian Yue is weak here to input fire consideration) full of metal and water resources. This abundance of water is trickling into Bing Zi Career Palace which is home of water, and which will eventually grow the master of peach blossom Tan Lang. Hence her personality ties in with her eventual choice of profession, and in 1-9 relationship, also her fate.

2. Stars in Life Palace: Po Jun meets Tian Yao in Life Palace. Traditional texts link this to certain tendency for promiscuity and prostitution which cannot be taken as an absolute, but merely as a reference point.

3. Failure Fate Association: Intelligent readers will be able to figure this out. Based on some observations, I highlighted problem areas Parents Palace, Children Palace, Life Palace and Career Palace. Prognosis will always flow opposite. Poor cause, leads to poor effect. Hence, the woman in her fate will have problems in upbringing, romance, attitude, personality and will fail in health, family, interactions and spousal relationship.

4. The Ballad of 武松 and 潘金蓮: Another challenge for intelligent readers. There are two stars that are part of a trio grown from heavens of Metal known as Three Killings with different post heaven elemental representations. The shatterer will punish and subdue, whereas the one in white robe will dance and seduce. If they are in palaces that enhance their essence, the tragic myth may become reality.

5. Birth Transformers: Birth Lu in Travel Palace; good social skills, benefits have to be earned via extroversion and external interactions. Wu Qu Hua Lu, particularly points to the mercenary bounty. Birth Quan in Career Palace; will eventually gain high reputation and power in her trade. Tan Lang Hua Quan, points to the choice of trade, and her current status.  Birth Ke in Health Palace; penchant for luxury, aesthetics, romance and pleasure and peach blossom. Tian Liang Hua Ke, exhibits Lolita tendencies, but may be in danger of breast cancer. Birth Ji in Children Palace; indebted to peach blossom (pre Heaven indebtedness). Wen Qu Hua Ji highlights melancholia and sorrow.

4. Lu and Ji of Life Palace: Life Palace Ren Stem sends Hua Lu to Tian Liang at Health Palace meets Tian Liang Hua Ke= Native like to look pretty and behave romantic. Life Palace Ren Stem sends Hua Ji to Wu Qu at Travel Palace meets Wu Qu Hua Lu= Double Ji vs Life. And it is part of Outflow Ji as well as Exit Ji. Native like to socialise, but will eventually bring harm to herself.


5. Fortune Palace Analysis: Fortune Palace is very important for females. This is also Body Palace of native, hence emphasis on mental state in her life. Jia Stem brings Lian Zhen Self Hua Lu, referred to as Exit Lu= Native is conceited and self righteous. Jia Stem brings Tai Yang Hua Ji to Health Palace= Self absorbed and directed. Pleasure seeking. Life and Health of 1-6 relationships, Health and Fortune is also 1-6 relationships. From earlier example from Life Palace, you’d have noticed that Lu and Ji traverses the health related areas a lot, and can be interpreted as Lu/Ji conflict at Health Palace which ails the heart with confusion.

6. Children Palace Analysis: Wen Qu self Hua Ji sits in Children Palace at Four Growth/Horse locations (unstable). Self Hua Ji bring exit Ji. This indicates futility in peach blossom, romance or children. Ji Stem brings Hua Lu to Wu Qu at Travel Palace, encounter with preexisting Lu. Some schools may infer this as Exit Lu but i don’t. Travel is Children Palace of Children Palace. This indicates many transitional and temporary peach blossoms. From Travel Palace we relay Bing Stem to Hua Lu at Tian Tong at Friends Palace (also deemed as Wealth Palace of Children Palace). And Travel Palace we also relay Bing Stem to Hua Ji at Lian Zhen at Fortune Palace (also deemed as Children Palace of Friends Palace).  The summation of these points indicate solicitations for money and benefit.

OK, so now here is the more exciting part. Based on the chart, when did the woman start to venture into this trade?  How do we narrow down first to decade periods?  If I give you Gui You (14-23), or Jia Xu (24-33), do you know how to choose? Clues: 1. Sha Po Lang usually indicate a more explosive period of adventure/ventures. 2. Look for a periodic Career Palace that harms the Body Palace. By following some of these simple clues, you should have arrived at Jia Xu (24-33). Alright, now here comes the bigger challenge. How do you know which year to arrive at? At the Decade Jia Xu, fly your transformers. Just stare at two most important ones namely Hua Lu and Hua Ji. Hua Lu is self transformed. Hua Ji is at Decade Friends/Birth Health. These are signs at Decade Life. We want to look at career right? Decade Career flies Tian Tong Hua Lu at Decade Property/Birth Friends and Lian Zhen Hua Ji at Decade Self/Birth Fortune. Jia Xu (Birth Fortune Palace) is further red flagged due to malefic influences of life and career.

The red flagged Jia Xu Palace has become an important palace to deduce the eventful year. But when did the downward spiral into prostitution happens? What is the trigger point?


When native is 26 years of age (1984), Annual Life Palace overlaps with Decade Mental and Birth Career Palaces. The Decade Spouse Palace with the Ren Stem flies Hua Lu to Tian Liang at Birth Health Palace (Decade Friends Palace). Ren Stem also flies Hua Ji into Wu Qu at Birth Travel Palace which is a Outflow of Ji. This denotes serious problem between Decade Career and Decade Spouse in this year. When we relay Ji to Decade Career, Bing Stem sends Hua Ji to Lian Zhen at Decade Self which corresponds to Annual Spouse Palace. From the agency inference, this points to divorce with the husband. Concurrently that was the impetus for her to begin prostitution. Signs of this happening: Annual Career/Birth Wealth Palaces (money making job) reason Decade Travel (socialising) sends Hua Ji to Tian Ji (afflicted thinking) at Annual Friends/Birth Children Palaces (peach blossoms with peers) reason Decade Health (harms body and heart) clash (henceforth disowned by) Annual Siblings/Birth Property (family) reason Decade Parents (parents).


In accordance to the chart, Birth Children Palace corresponds to Decade Health Palace. When the native is 25 years old (1983) this location overlaps with her Annual Travel Palace. There is Exit Ji in this location. The Ji stem here cause Wu Qu Hua Lu to enter Birth Travel Palace which bless Decade Spouse and Annual Children which indicates affairs. The affairs at 25 years of age precipitated the divorce at 26 years of age, leading to the woman committing to prostitution.