Improving Luck by Venturing Out

Last night I took an excursion to a renowned Chinese Metaphysics forum and participated in a thread concerning an individual with questions and concerns about relationships. While I have long made it a point not to read fresh cases anymore, I nevertheless gave the person a short piece of advice, that despite the brevity of my statement, and addressed one of the inherent problems in the native’s life. I mentioned something that wasn’t mentioned before. To put it simply there is a past laden by unhappiness and conflict. I offered remedies to this person on going overseas to find relationships (besides many other aspects of the life will improve). The charts only represent Fate, which is only a component of Destiny. Breakthroughs in Destiny happen by freewill, and that is the greatest gifts of Mankind.

I will not digress from the original intent of this post. What I want to emphasise here is that while our life may be fraught with certain obstacles, unhappiness and misfortune, remedies are always round the corner. Through my practices, there are instances whereby when the native decided to renew their lives abroad, they may be able to have a breakthrough in their life. You might have heard it elsewhere in common sayings especially in the Orient that if your luck is down, you might want to take a break and have an extended holiday overseas. This is not always the case as some people will encounter more mishaps when they are living overseas than based in their home locale. What are the criteria then?

1. In my practice, I look at the magnitude of Tai Yang and Tai Yin and determine the best locale for the natives to be in. To quote an example, there are many Ri Yue Fan Bei natives who experience breakthroughs in their life when they start their lives abroad.

2. The strengths of the Travel Palace. If it is more favourable than the Life Palace, the native need to break the shackles and get out. This is based on star combinations, transformers, stems, branches, Yin Yang and five elements.

3. Seeking the correct directions. Depending on where favourable stars, transformers outcome, and stem transformations are. One note about Tian Liang star. This star to put it in simple words is a Guardian, a Protector. In times of danger, trouble and misfortune, the star will extend its branches to shelter you if you sought it appropriately. Help is sought where it is situated, and which directions do the palaces indicate.

4. The time barrier needs to be broken. If you are based in Singapore, travelling to Malaysia may not be appropriate. Short term travels have minimal effects. Wrong directions have different effects. Best effects for natives who meet travelling requisites is to break the time barrier by at least 7-8 hours time difference in the new location.