Can we infer characteristics of Mother from Siblings Palace?

Today, I was approached by a ZWDS enthusiast on whether it is appropriate or not to infer Mother information from Siblings Palace because I always gave such examples in my practices and notes (I have long naggy mother stories in “The Hidden Laws”). He showed me that there are fundamental Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu teachings that state this as impossibility, and that the only appropriate palace to infer would be the Parents palace for reading Mother. I would say that this is not wrong, though not entirely right either. Likewise I am reminded of examples whereby there are some Flying Stars practitioners who argue that peach blossom is only seen at Spouse Palace, not the popular Children Palace which was even used by the late Grandmaster 翁福裕. Going back to the original discussion, to say why this is correct, when you look at the Palaces in ZWDS chart, they are named as compound of two Chinese words to reference them in a certain Yin and Yang order. Take for example, Parents Palace effectively meant 父母宫 (Fu Mu Gong); 父 means Father, while 母 means Mother. In the same manner, Siblings Palace meant 兄弟宮 (Xiong Di Gong), where 兄 is Elder Siblings and 弟 is Younger Siblings (albeit in the Male context: Older Brother and Younger Brother).

In the same manner, modern Flying Star ZWDS theories state such relationships very clearly as below:

Siblings Palace: Shows characteristics of siblings, their attitude and personality.

Siblings Palace when Taiji at Parents Palace: To infer relationships between father and mother.

Parents Palace: Shows characteristics of father, his life, personality and attitude.

Parents Palace when Taiji at Life Palace: To infer dynamics between native and parents, study palace for Yang Male/Yin Female, tractions of life.

It is important for ZWDS students to be familiar with the fundamentals. These should be achieved by proper education and I urge students to have a thorough training under the respective Masters. Interpalatial dynamics have to be set carefully to infer different Taiji points. My opinions can be seen as “maverick opinions”. However, I will highlight several opinions that make me exercise cautions when it comes to fundamentals:

1. The inconsistency with compound names on palaces: In this respect Spouse Palace meant as 夫妻宫 (Fu Qi Gong) is a compound of 夫 (Husband) and 妻 (Wife) should be able to read husband and wife. At a basic level, this should only be used to read Spouse/Partner characteristics or at most when we set Life Palace as Taiji, it infers spousal relationship; while actually a more appropriate spousal dynamics inference is at Wealth Palace when we set Taiji at Spouse Palace. *EDIT In the case of a Male natal chart: If Parents Palace are used to read Father and Mother, can the Spouse Palace read Husband (or even yourself) and Wife? No, because Husband in reality is at Wealth Palace, who is the same person as in the Life Palace. Why is this so? I have mentioned before this concept in “The Hidden Laws” that “Three of Three Returns to One” in 三三歸一. What is an extension of the self? Life Palace, Wealth Palace, (Health Palace) and Career Palace. So while Parents (Father and Mother) palaces are named that way, don’t take it literally.

2. Further aberrations with nomenclature: Parents Palace (父母宫) was known as Appearance Palace (相貌宫) in 果老星宗 (Guo Lao Xing Zhong) which is actually a derivative (from ancient astrological practices) and from this tradition there are no real basis set in Yin and Yang relationships, but the compound names are mere reference points.

3. From contemporary ZWDS texts above “Parents Palace: Shows characteristics of Father, his life, personality and attitude.” There is no mention of Mother here. In reality, Siblings Palace holds mastery of Mother (spouse of Father established. Taiji at Parents to read yields quite a different concept but that complicates things), and to read relationships between Father and Mother, we infer Children Palace, which is an extension of this “Mother’s Spouse”.

4. Complications arise when we are trying to study effects of Father and Mother as separate entities influencing the native if we use one palace based on polarity of stars. Practical experiences count best with the many case studies that downplay this complication by basing Mother at Siblings Palace. One recent example: Not too long ago, I was having an excursion at a popular metaphysical forum (which was mentioned in one of my recent posts). The birth chart request I offered to help have hidden abuse dynamics set off from Siblings Palace in the natal chart, while this is NOT THE CASE from the Parents Palace. The native has confided that she was abused by her mother.

5. Finding real Father, Mother influences: One hint/tip for intelligent readers, Heavenly Stems offer more insights than you think. They are the gifts from your parents that make you unique, that’s why even when you are born in the same exact birth date as Bill Gates, you will never even get a pittance of his wealth.