Results of Case Study: Fatal Car Accident with New Month Method

This post will offer the answers to an earlier case study post I put up on deducing the correct year and month of a fatal car accident, and most importantly to hint to a new method of month calculation. The case study was earlier on supplied by Brother Keong (, and the new method was showcased and validated with him last night. This post is meant for practitioners and heretics interested in research, and not recommended for beginners or zealots as it may lead you astray.

The chart can be deceiving at first glance. Looking at the pattern, one might be inclined to say that the incident happen either in 2004 or 2010. These are the wrong answers, as the native met the accident in 2005. How can we tell? By using simple rules below.


To use the simplest steps, first thing we infer possibility of any major bad event in the Decade 42-51. When we seek signs from above, we realise Decade Travel send Hua Ji to Birth Travel Palace, clashing Birth Life Palace which is an important sign. And as below the possibility overlap with these regions with the Current Travel and Current Life Palaces, which points to strong possibility between Mao and You Palaces (extra tip: the native incidentally is of zodiac Zi… ). The clash site at You is most likely case that accident happened in 2005 when the native was 46 years old. Extra long-winded trinity prognosis: Current Spouse/Natal Spouse= Destination/Destiny location of Travel (Reason: Decade Travel) send Hua Ji to Current Travel/Natal Travel (Reason: Decade Mental= Luck of native) clashes Current Life/Natal Life (Reason: Decade Wealth= Luck of Travel). Destination during a trip harasses mode of travel when luck of native is low, thus causing disruption in native life due to disruption of travel luck.

Now the biggest challenge. The month of the incident is December 2005. By reference to the Chinese calendar it points to Month 10 (You Month) in Yi You Year (edit from typo). How do you derive the correct month on the chart? Conventional Dou Jun calculation put the 10th month at Hai Palace (which is Natal Fortune, Decade Spouse, Current Fortune). Some practitioners may try to fit this outcome in a story with many palaces rotations. But this is not correct. Original Wu Hu Dun Yue method put the 10th month at Mao Palace (which is Natal Travel, Decade Fortune, Current Travel), which is in the line of fire in opposition (month 4 and month 10 are possibilities) to You Palace, and which is the correct location.

But are we going to use Wu Hu Dun Yue method for all the months calculations in Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu charts then? I had my reservations. Through many repeated experiences, both Dou Jun and Wu Hu Dun Yue methods have 30-50% accuracies in all the charts I’ve seen.  That maybe explain why many practitioners of Zi Wei Dou Shu shy away from going beyond the Year predictions into Month predictions due to the high inaccuracy. However, I have a new Month calculation method, which might possibly solve the problems of the months predictions. Incidentally, or rather coincidentally, it yields the same result as the Wu Hu Dun method for this case.

This method had been showcased to Brother Keong and it was replicated on two other “challenge charts” that he put forth. One chart is to correctly guess the month of incidence when his friend who got into a car accident this year. I predicted the correct month which is February (a very tricky case as it may traverse two year charts), and even the correct side of the car that was hit (hint: Yin and Yang observations). The other chart that he challenged me is this person who start getting windfall luck last year. Aside from the conventional way of pointing out the three palaces of a Tan Lang meeting with Huo Xing, Ling Xing, I have gotten the starting month correct which is September 2014. I also made a guess on which eye this native was operated on (the result is still pending while waiting for reply from this person; tip: Tai Yin, Tai Yang).

OK, so how do I derive this new month calculation? I put the starting axiom point not onto the Current Year anymore, but rather a point from the Decade Chart. This is so much I can say at this point, but if you are an inquisitive researcher, you may be able to tweak the above methods onto the Decade Chart and with plenty of practice charts, and some luck you can figure this out. I still haven’t had the best theoretical explanation for this (this is an observation of trial and error), but with regard to successful repeated empirical validations, this is the best method of ZWDS month calculation. I may one day compile these information in details in a new volume.