The Markers for Ill Health, Bloodshed and Case Study for Stroke Victim

I have been updating less frequently these days due to ill health and busy work, but I will do so more often when opportunity permits. This post will instruct on the techniques I use to look at health problems with a case study from a friend whose brother-in-law suffer from a health mishap before Chinese New Year this year. There are arguably many ZWDS methods on Health reading and unfortunately these aspects are not the strongest suits in this astrology, with not many convincing techniques. However the Zhong Zhou and Shen Star sects medical theories are rather robust in health applications. Even between them, the many stars are indicated differently on their medical significance. I also have my own set of research findings and I will gladly share them in this post.

The native is a Male Malaysian Chinese who is based in Singapore for work. He had been travelling to and fro regularly and unfortunately he got into a problem sometime before Chinese New Year calendar this year. While travelling back to Malaysia, he suddenly suffered a haemorrhage in the brains (stroke) and paralysed after stopping his car to rest a while. He was fortunately sent to hospital by his companions in car. He had since been paralysed on his right side of his body. This will be an interesting case study for practitioners who want to try their hands in looking at medical conditions and bloodshed in ZWDS.


The native is born in 1st of January 1969 at 23:17pm. Note: I was told that an astute reader was questioning why I don’t do time correction for this case. On the software, there is a “Rat” button whereby you can alternate between when you start next day during midnight. I used to always adjust new day at 11pm until I am convinced that 12am as next day is more accurate Edit: Rephrased more clearly. A general guideline when one decide to make predictions at the Health Palace with Tian Liang therein indicate that the native will have problem with lungs, liver and digestive systems. As far as conventional theories go, this has some basis (but actually most people have gastrointestinal problems) and some ZWDS readers can get away with it. Also, noting that Tian Ji has Self Hua Lu  and Birth Ji at Parents Palace seem to indicate that malevolent influence of Hua Ji will take place opposite at Health Palace. Now the Si Hua style is getting closer to the truth, but that is also so far it can go. Also do note that in the San He way of reading, his Body Palace is at Life Palace with Po Jun (breakage) and You Bi (right). Will these give any indicators of problem?

You can follow step by step as to what I am going to show with the medical investigations and therein contain some special techniques shown more generously than before.

1. The Holistic View of Physical Body according to Zi Wei Charts: With the Zi Wei charts, I do not restrict myself to using Health Palace for reading health. I also do not rely on Interpalatial Dynamics (or Palace interchange) too much as it will complicate things. In this concept I am showing, all stars and all palaces can relate to health. What I do is to allocate the chart positions to that of physical body. I assign Wu Palace as the Head, and the Zi Palace as the Genitalia. I divide both sides of the body in accordance. Special notes: Si Palace denotes right side, not right brain.

2. The Theory of Star Remnants: This is a special technique having its basis rooted in the 3 cycles of being. I have evolved the usage of San Fang to the application of Stars (at least the Main Stars). San Fang of where Tian Ji (Hua Ji) is (Parents Palace), I also indicate remnant Tian Ji at Friends Palace and Children Palace. In this new concept, Tian Ji is latent at Parents (Chou Palace), originates at Children (You Palace), and is uncontrollable at Friends (Si Palace). This concept will apply to every Main Stars for any applications. For the sake of the case study, I will only highlight Tian Ji, the primary culprit, exclusively for health applications and investigations.

3. The Original Template of Health Problems: In this special technique, I do not use Health Palace as axiom. Here, I use the Bo Shi Star Bing Fu as the axiom. For all charts, the axiom of health (and potential problems) are established at the San Fang of Bing Fu, which in this case, also corresponds to the Tian Ji San Fang I highlighted in point 2. What are the stars therein? There is  primarily Tian Ji, Ju Men and Tian Tong. Henceforth this native, will have problem with the head systems, digestive systems and the lower secretory systems. The Bo Shi Bing Fu San Fang are Early Heaven indicators, but these three palaces will be especially noted during periods.

4. The Post Heaven Template of Health Problems: For this, I look at another Bing Fu minor star, but not from the Bo Shi series. Rather this Bing Fu star is from the Sui Qian series. This Bing Fu star travels around, depending on the years, but wherever it is (and it may not overlap the Bo Shi Bing Fu San Fang), it will indicate health problem in the specific part of the body (from Point 1) during that particular year.

5. Yearly Stem and Branch Effect: Stem effect is used for San He styled transformations and this concept is a little similar to Die Jie 叠劫, whereas the branch effect is used for Si Hua styled transformations and this concept will be used in Die Sha 疊煞 manner. Stem Effect: assuming you are born in Ding Year, with Tai Yin Hua Lu and Ju Men Hua Ji. The decade or year stems you will be worried about are Yi Year (Tai Yin Hua Ji), Ding (Ju Men Hua Ji), and Xin (Ju Men Hua Lu). Why Xin year Ju Men Hua Lu? Because it creates double Ji at Ju Men like the Ding Year. Branch Effect: Same as above, except that the transformation is based on the stems indicated by the branch. Or a little mix between the two: In this case study, 2014 is at Wu Wu (Birth Travel Palace) regardless of San He or Si Hua style. When we look at San He style, Lian Zhen has Decade Hua Ji, and in 2014, it also has Current Year Hua Lu. This combination is double Hua Ji. Lian Zhen signifies rupture and bloodshed, which takes palace on the Head position. This is indicator of stroke. If we look into Si Hua style it is also equally informative. From Wu Wu, it sends Hua Ji to Tian Ji at 2014 Health Palace, which creates double Hua Ji affecting Tian Ji (head problem).

6. Syncretisation of Tian Ji (uncontrollable) and presence of Sui Qian Bing Fu in Ding Si location in 2014: Tian Ji Hua Ji is here and it is uncontrollable. Sui Qian Bing Fu points to where the damage will manifest in 2014. Through the transformations in this medical theory, Head at Wu will send Hua Ji into all directions of the body where Tian Ji San Fang lies. At the right side (Ding Si) where Tian Ji (also a mobility indicator) is uncontrollable, the latent condition of Tian Ji Hua Ji is activated. The relentless assault on Tian Ji therefore eventually ends up as more chaotic (growth part of this region) or immobilized (extinct part of this region). Additional note: Ju Men self Hua Ji in this Sui Qian Bing Fu location indicates uncontrollable loss of fluid/vomit (victim found frothing uncontrollably).


7.Some improvised Si Hua line of flights: Annual Travel sends Hua Ji to Tai Yang (male well being) at Decade Health clash the Ding Si Location (with Sui Qian Bing Fu). It also send Hua Ji to Lian Zhen at Annual Life Palace. Can be hypothesised as Travels which cause build up of blood in head, cause problem in mobility on right side of body. Interestingly, if you check for this year 2015, the Hua Ji and Hua Lu is still revolving around the same stars/locations. Reinforcement of signs of damage in Sui Qian Bing Fu. Tian Ji is Yin, Hua Ji is Yin, Ju Men Self Hua Ji is Yin and the palatial location is Yin. Lu Cun is a weak Yang star with no influence. The victim is immobilized and paralysed on the right side (Yin).

8. Si Hua indicator of Bloodshed: When Health Palace sends Hua Ji into Peach Blossom line (Children Palace or Property Palace), there will be bloodshed no matter what. This is a quick indicator for such possibility and it exists in 2014.

9. The New Month Technique: This technique was first mentioned in the last few posts for improved accuracy on calculating for months on event. This is however withheld from further information due to the fact that this will be potentially used as a special plugin for Brother Keong’s ZWDS software. The new month method calculates right up to month of occurrence, which incidentally is several days before the Chinese New Year.

This is an interesting chart that the reader should study in greater details. As a practice, try to work your way down from the decade period to see how it can link up to the period of incidence in the year (or even down to month or days if you are ambitious). Incidentally, the native has a very difficult son who is getting more rebellious by the day. His condition is still uncleared, and he remains in hospital paralysed and unable to work. His wife is currently supporting him now. And more importantly, the native has lost all his male siblings one way or another throughout the years while his female siblings are doing fine. See what you can infer from his chart, and do pray for his recovery and relief.