斗转星移 (Pole Shift Stars Movement)

On Mid Autumn Festival, I am inspired to write again when I ponder upon the full moon. I am reminded of this nugget of info from the ESP acquaintance of my friend Brother Keong, identifying the Moon as the Patron Saint of Zi Wei Dou Shu. The rational part of me struggled with this idea, and the spiritual side of me is intrigued. Aside from this revelation came the notion of 斗转星移 (Dou Zhuang Xing Yi, DZXY; Translated as “Pole Shift Stars Movement), which was discussed with Brother Keong during the long periods of my sickness. He even wrote a post about this on his blog. Some of the Chinese readers might possibly recall this term used in 天龍八部 (Tian Long Ba Bu; Demi Gods and Semi Devils), a popular pugilist fiction and of course its original definition is something fanciful and fantastical. The essence of DZXY in our context is total change, like your life no longer is dictated by the charts. Brother Keong had recalled that a famous Master once spoke of the fortune of having very bad correlation to accurately dated charts, because most charts imminently all point to bad things, regardless if you are Zi Wei Tian Fu, or Cai Guan Yin. All charts seem to point towards a certain futile fate. I had written before that ZWDS facilitates alteration, but it cannot facilitate changes. How do you make sense of it?

There are many queries on ZWDS that are not effectively answered and caused this art to be tainted with apprehension. Example of many classic questions asked by detractors are: Do two individuals born on the same date (down to the time), suffer the same fate to die on the same day? I have shared before in some written articles that by and large their fates are largely similar. But their destiny will be different. They will have the same window periods on many aspects with similar outcomes. But they may not die on the same day, although there is a good chance. Why is this so? When they have the same charts, they have the same windows of “death”. There is a “Certain Death”, when Chi ceases towards the end, but in between birth to this point, there are many premature deaths which are littered in the realm of possibilities. Both person will have the same chart windows. However factors can alter the different individual towards certain conclusions. So, the other person may have higher odds than the other. The death for one person might be an injury for the other. By and large under similar ideal conditions, both should arrive at the same death date. Those little flux of changes are possibilities, and some people may theorize that premature death leads to ghosts due to Chi that is not ceased.

I still scorn at implementations like Fengshui though I am less critical these days. Still there comes a time whereby your fate disallows alterations in your destiny.  Let me put forth a real life scenario to you. I had serious lungs reinfections (and various Ali Baba sicknesses, termed by Brother Keong) since April. Five Yellows are in the West, directionaly it depicts lungs, and it depicts the location where my Life Palace has Ju Men self Hua Ji (FYI I am Tian Ji/Ju Men native). A formula was intended to be implemented at the given location in my house, but that location directly leads to the garbage area where bird droppings congregate at the windows area and dirty water flows. So despite the fantastic ideas, it cannot be readily implemented unless I moved out of my habitat which I cannot afford. Therefore the problem cannot be curbed despite all the great knowledge under the universe.

The concept of Fa (法), which means literally “The Practice” had taken a new meaning when it was initially at one point being forcefed to me by BK until it became a certain habit of mine. It got to a point whereby I obsessively utilized the QMDJ software for every actions I take. DZXY’s first case study was undoubtedly Brother Keong himself. With usage of at least 3 tools he crafted, had the first insight into a certain formula for breaking out of certain shackles in his chart, to my admiration, and achieving a glitch in the “Empyrean Matrix” (the powerful willpower that I spoke of, but to a greater degree that fate is overpowered). DZXY is achieved with the use of Fa, and the tools are Chinese Metaphysics. BaziApp software to catch useful god for divine use, and identifying potential breakthrough. Flying Star ZWDS software to go into more details about possible events. 64 Hex QMDJ for date selection for activities. Armed with these tools, we understand fate, and we use luck to challenge destiny. Are we circumventing against the natural order? I doubt so. If that is the case, doctors, and many other professions that seek to improve life are equally guilty of these charges.

Even within ZWDS, the concept of DZXY is not new. There was this 移星換斗 and 紫微過宮 by author 慧耕 like using the 3 Yuans structures to determine the reconfiguration of stars and palaces on the charts. These concepts are generally not popular in the realms of ZWDS and should be opened for more empirical investigations. DZXY is totally different of course. Remember I discussed about how freewill can take over after knowledge of fate. I think freewill in itself is already a bit of DZXY in action. The other component lies in Fa. Fa itself is intrinsically tied to Ke. Ke is something on a smaller scale some kind of assistance, and to a bigger level up to divine intervention, and on the internal level, as some kind of self actualization, enlightenment. It is possibly immortal. This opinion is generally understood but not emphasized in many ZWDS practices. In many conventional flying star practices, there is the usage of “transformers pairings” during the establishing of possibilities in periods. The prioritization in Hua Lu/Hua Quan combination as lucky markers, with Hua Ke ranked as lowest priority even below that of Hua Ji sometimes, determined as “virtual” and “real” transformations is a common trait in these techniques. Hua Ke in this scenario is categorized conventionally as too weak to exercise drastic changes and given little emphasis. I used to hold this notion as well. Few people in ZWDS community talk extensively about this transformer. Maybe some uses for academic, work matters. We can sit back and think about the transformers and the elements: Lu as Metal. Quan as Fire. Ke as Wood. Ji as Water. Earth is the medium. These are Post Heaven configurations after the fall of the primordial.

Earth is centred and the medium of our existence, created by power (Fire). Earth gives birth to Metal (Lu) which is life. Earth obliterates Water (Ji). In this regard, all that is negative and all cessation will be “ceased” again by the medium. When viewed as a life cycle, the Earth springs forth life and ends death. It is however not within our mean of control as it is a medium, the material, the axis mundi. This Earth however can be overpowered by Ke (Wood) in an elemental relationship.

Metal (Lu) as life, as beings on Earth and all that is good, progressive, beneficial and new. Theologically this representation supports the definition that all life is born good in some religious philosophies. It is also the beginning of the end. Because as a causation, it gives birth to Water (Ji) which is the effect and commonly understood as the negative, end. Metal (Lu) is destroyed by Fire (Quan) represented as power and might. This power can obliterate life.

Fire (Hua Quan) the might, the hegemony. When we look at the Chinese character, 火 (fire) is written as人(human) with two additional strokes. It signifies empowered being. This might controls and oppresses humanity and may eventually destroy it. All of existence runs on hegemony and in the cosmological sense, it defines the world (Earth) as we know it. It is born of higher order Hua Ke (wood) and it is controlled by the cessation Hua Ji (water). All power will be ceased by death.

Water (Ji) the darkness, the end and the negative. This is outcome of life Lu (metal). It has the mean to bring all power Quan (Fire) to an end. This darkness however is overpowered by the Earth, which will continually regenerate life again. The imminent cessation of Ji cannot be viewed as absolute; in the elemental scheme it gives birth to a new order, which is Ke (Wood).

Wood (Ke) is the divine, religiosity, the higher order, wisdom and the salvation. This is born from darkness of Ji (water) when all that is good come to an end. The philosophical aspect of the end brings about transcendence. This higher order is the only medium that can obliterate the material medium of our existence (Earth) which is perpetual reincarnation and suffering. Yet in itself is part of the scheme of the grand cosmological design, because new worlds are created in another existence and the being will go through the same amount of sufferings. The truly supreme transcendence can only happen when the whole elemental cycles are reduced into the absolute primordial which is when all, including Ke (Wood) are completed as being. By then existence should not concern the elements anymore. This is the ultimate mystery. Ke (Wood) can be rendered meaningless and obliterated by human beings Lu (Metal). Human beings attached to materialism (Earth), benefits (Metal) and power (Fire) often disregard the divine, thus leading to effects like atheism. And ZWDS has little emphasis on Ke. They are always obsessed with Hua Lu and Hua Ji. I was obsessed with Ji and it was a bad obsession.

How about “Ke” as the divine usage?