The Suicide of Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung (張國榮; Zhang Guo Rong) is a renowned Hong Kong singer/actor. He was born in 12 September 1956 and he committed suicide in 1 April 2003 by jumping off a building. His celebrity status and the controversial incident inevitably attracted the attention of many Chinese Metaphysics practitioners who came forward to put forth theories on his suicide. To this date, no one exactly knew his birth time, but there were speculative hours that were proposed. Some of the most commonly speculated hours are the Yin Hours, Si Hours, Wu Hours and the Zi Hours (Ren Zi instead of Geng Zi) based on the many articles I’ve seen from everywhere. Given his rather interesting birthdate information up to the day, most of the theories that were proposed were reasonably sound, especially in Bazi calculations. However these birth time yielded totally different Zi Wei Dou Shu charts.

There should always be alot of caution, discretion and consideration that are needed before we analyse the birthdates of the public figures. Celebrities/politicians, especially prominent and Asian ones, are usually not keen to share their real birth information as they are a far more superstitious lots than average people, and they often have the habit of giving false birthdates as red herrings to would be sorcerers. There are many inconsistencies that gradually reveal themselves (e.g. some famous president who can’t remember his birthday properly). Another crucial point is that even recorded time can be inconsistent, especially in time/places where timekeeping is vague and human error rates are high (e.g. messy handwritings). When in doubt, one should emulate the spirit of Master Liang Ruo Yu, who can sit through hours, verifying/validating past events through the charts to come to the most accurate/correct one for the natives (there are many cases whereby the native’s actual birth charts are offset by a huge difference from the given birthdates).

I tried out these birth time with Zi Wei Dou Shu and found only one possible birth time with the most valid conclusion, based on only one formula for suicide. Don’t bother about the transformations paths too much 😉 Let’s try the four different charts below. Are you able to figure out a formula, and find out the most possible birth time (Yin, Si, Wu and Zi) from the charts below?  And with the formula, can you easily decipher the reason for the suicide? Or do you beg to differ, with the uncovered birth time that points to none of the above?

L1L2 L3 L4