Don’t Scare Yourself to Death

This article acts as a very important disclaimer, and clarification to many people’s perception on the scary bits of Zi Wei Dou Shu. The fear of knowing too much about the future often puts the average client of destiny reading in great state of anxiety, apprehension and dilemma. On one hand, it is a tempting compulsion to peer into the unknown; on the other hand, sometimes doomsday news can sound like a death sentence. Which is why the ethical practices of Chinese Metaphysics consciously avoid touching on the prediction of absolute negativity to its clientele, which range from relationship breaking (divorces) to mortality (death). The negative news are also not appropriately given solutions that can enable the client to break out of such absolute predicament. Amateur practitioners sometimes put forth absolute outcome without concerning the consequences in the gravity of the words. I spoke quite liberally on some of the certainties of events that the natives have in the past, be it in my earlier foray in consultations or in the case studies. Because events of the past is a certainty in the fatalistic world. Once the blueprint of fate is understood, freewill can kick in to alter the future.

However, I and every practitioners should always remain mindful of making forecast into the future. Many readings, be it of grave consequences or great expectations SOMETIMES become self fulfilling prophecies, due to the very ability of the native to exercise free will towards a perceived outcome. Imagine this scenario, if a doctor is insistent that the cancerous tumour is malignant and that the life expectancy is dire, chances are the natives will succumb to it. In destiny reading, every possible scenario always have a cure; the problem is if the practitioner can correctly identify the appropriate medication. If the reading become too serious to be ignored (for example, reading that the native may meet in a traffic accident in a particular year), it is responsible for the practitioner to point out to the native to take care when travelling in that year and exercise precaution, and most importantly to apply the necessary cures/mediations as a precautionary measure, rather than to scare the native into the inevitable fate of tragedy. If you see You Bi in a native Spouse palace, it is unwise to point out that the native will definitely encounter an affair, but rather to ask the native to be mindful of marriage and relationships and to take responsibilities. Because these are mere signs, and probabilities. Yet from another angle, if the native come up to you and complaint about marriage problem in a certain year and you see the You Bi in native Spouse palace, WITH other factors pointing towards infidelity, then you can surely and confidently ascertain that the native was naughty in a certain year (without sounding too explicit to the native).

Destiny reading, especially Zi Wei Dou Shu is immensely steeped in absolute statements which should be considered archaic and ignorant practices. Many of the old texts make absolute conclusion. Just take a look at the descriptors of the formations. Zi Fu Tong Gong (紫府同宫) is spoken with the great conviction that the native is to be bestowed with great fortune. Whereas Ling Chang Tuo Wu (铃昌陀武) is described as a death sentence in the waters. I have to admit that I (and any authors of ZWDS) struggled when I put forth these archaic descriptors into my articles and books in the best preservation of its original forms, yet worrying about what the undesirable effects on impressionable readers. Formations, like many of the ZWDS theories are pointing only towards a “probability” that might happen in fate, and does not conclude in absolute term that this is the “truth”. This “probability” can be ascertained as “truth” on the basis of retrospective chart reading, otherwise it should remain as a “probability”. Even some of the ancient texts have long being discredited by careful studying and weeding. E.g. when Tian Ma meets Qing Yang, it becomes a Corpse Horse.  However, this is totally impossible because Tian Ma will never meet Qing Yang in the charts.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate certain points that I’ve always made in the past, be it on this blog or in the publications. Destiny is made up of two components, namely Fate and Luck. Fate is a template of certainty, and Luck is dynamic with windows of opportunity. Before a person can have Free Will, the person is largely fatalistic. He or she who does not know Fate have high chances of succumbing to it. Free Will is not possible if the person is oblivious to Fate. There is a reason why ZWDS as past readings will accurately map out all events of the past, especially if the native performs it for the first time. However, upon the understanding of his or her Fate, the native can effectively exercise Free Will to alter several points in Destiny. Sounds complicated? Let me explain this by the analogy of Death.

Every individual must die and is dying, this is the inevitable fate. In a ZWDS chart, what we witness is a template of Fate. In Fate, Death is a Certainty. But to die, is not a certainty but a possible outcome. Sounds confusing? Luck periods open windows of opportunity to exercise Variants, which can come in the form of Environmental intervention, or Personal (or even Divine) intervention. In the ZWDS chart, many practitioners fail or refuse to point out that there is a sum of how the Chi will end, and rather jump straight into certain patterns on how the individual will die. The sum of Chi is hinted at the Career Palace, and before you scare yourself to death, no it is not whether the palace is empty or not, or which decade period falls into it. This is a Certainty. However, many people can die prematurely.  These are usually evident when we look at case studies of the deceased, and readily identify some nasty patterns that point to this outcome. Remember, we are using “Probability” to ascertain “Truth”. But when we look at future forecast, “Probability” stays as “Probability”. OK, a practitioner identify some nasty patterns in a certain year ahead. All the practitioner need to do is to ask the native to be careful and take heed. If he has certain cures that he knows that is appropriate, he should readily offer it to the native. To change this into the doctor analogy, if the doctor identify the cancer at Stage 1, he should recommend treatment to the patient, and there is very high chance that the patient will survive. And in some cases, the tumours are benign!

There are many notorious patterns in ZWDS that cause unnecessary fear to people. Some examples are “一氣生死訣” (translated as “One Chi Formula of Life and Death”!), “绝命忌” (Life Ending Ji; which I had written in an article earlier in the blog to my regret), and even certain New Agey quantification of mortal age by Stars in Fortune Palace. These are often used as “Probability” to ascertain “Truth” in past readings, but they can never be used as a gauge of the future. The reasoning is very simple. Because there are many people who lived with these patterns in their charts with nary a scratch on their body in their life. Why is this so? Does that mean that these methods are inaccurate? Let me explain. In many people’s chart, there are several windows of “Death Possibilities” that are littered throughout the periods, before the Chi ceases. Many people live through these “Death Possibilities” to die properly at the appropriate time when they have to go. Why is this so? Because we consciously forget about the other 69% of the factors that influence our destiny, namely Environment, and Personal Deeds. In “Prosperity Sigma”, I discussed the concept of Luck Cycles and Amplitude. In favourable conditions, the wave amplitude can be augmented, which generally improve well being and lessen misfortune. Let me give you the best example. If I am born in Somalia, my awful charts would not see through the day to have me sitting down here writing this article. I would have simply perished. But here I am alive, because I am born in Singapore, a place with exceptionally good Fengshui.

Yesterday I wrote an article on the Suicide of Leslie Cheung. Was he destined to die? Usually when the mind dissociates from the bodily condition of a person (a clue!), suicidal tendencies are high (and sadly, there are some harmful opinions out there that state that suicide victims have to go through six lifetime of suicides which I disagree). However, in my humble opinion, he could have lived through it. Did he not consult some Destiny Readers to improve his life? Then why would his Freewill not kick in to prevent such an outcome? That is up to him, and also very likely up to whether he got his birth time correctly reported.