Some Thoughts on Tian Ji/Ju Men (天機巨門)

Here are some thought pieces on a classic Major Stars combination: Tian Ji/Ju Men (天機巨門). This combination takes place in primarily Mao or You palaces and if you have these stars in the respective Life Palaces (or Travel Palaces), you are technically a Tian Ji/Ju Men native. You can find these examples in Page 64 and Page 65 in “The Prosperity Sigma”. I’ve written that this combination is generally more successful in Mao Palace than You Palace, as the latter will have an empty Career Palace. I have also described that these natives tend to be technically inclined and not exactly suited to businesses, and that the most favourable birth years for these natives are in born in Yi year while not so for Ding natives (because Ju Men Hua Ji) and Wu year (because Tian Ji Hua Ji). The magnitude of these stars are also equally important, and thankfully the combinations are of high magnitude in both locations. In popular Zi Wei Dou Shu notion, regardless of the transformations, all of these combinations are not very favourable.

Why do I write about Tian Ji/Ju Men? Because I am a native with Tian Ji/Ju Men in the Life Palace at You and therefore I can testify on whether the notions are correct or not. Some of the descriptors are tainted with negative light. Tian Ji/Ju Men types are a very unstable combination. Tian Ji is of Yin Wood and its Mastery is kindness. It is typically regarded as the “Intelligence” of the native. It has no ability to curb evil and is subjected to all possible transformations. Tian Ji afflicted with Hua Ji and malevolence is thought to cause some “defects” to the intelligence of the native. The star is highly unstable and not welcome in relationships palaces. Ju Men is of Yin Earth, Yin Water and Yin Metal combinations and its Mastery is darkness. It is typically regarded as the “Oration” and “Cynicism” of the native. It  is subjected to all transformations except Ke. Ju Men afflicted with Hua Ji and malevolence is to bring scandals and inability in expression to the native. The star is generally viewed as troublesome in all palaces.

What then is the problem with such combinations? Tian Ji/Ju Men are adept in facing and overcoming problems due to the high magnitude of the stars. But they do not necessarily have it easy due to the conflicting nature of these two stars (Piscean/Virgoan schizophrenia in western aspects). The potential problem tends to be more serious in You. There is a saying: “酉宮木死水敗的地,縱有財官也不榮”. The literal translation is “You palace is the location where Wood dies and Water fails; and brings no glory to wealth and status”. Tian Ji/Ju Men in You palace is particularly inauspicious because of some elemental rationale that I will break down for you. You Palace is a “Failure location” of metal and it will obliterate the wooden wisdom of Tian Ji and overgrows the water/fluidity/peach blossom in oration of Ju Men. What’s left is resources (earth) and mutuals (metal) thus enhancing metal essences which causes conflict, and overgrows water to failure. What does this lead to?

First point is indecisiveness. I can attest to that and it even shows in the Direct Officer/Seven Killings conflict in my Bazi chart. The rational thinkings are clouded with instinctive skepticism thus leading to difficult judgement, psychosis and much cynicism, despite the obvious “clevers” of these two stars. This will be more pronounced if there are further malevolent influences, negative transformers (or even more seriously, in Self Hua Ji in Flying  Stars school aspects which I also have). Secondly, the oratorical skill is also compromised. Words that come out become provocative, scandalous and even deficient (stammering; largely due to Hua Ji), which I can also attest to. If they sound diplomatic, it’s through tremendous efforts. Such combinations lead to the third point, and which is poor relationship with people (accentuated by conflict) and eccentricity.  And lastly, since it dwells in the Failure locations, it brings about a lot of peach blossom troubles particularly for women. Last but not least, these natives are usually honest to a fault and quite possibly a socialist (me) than a libertarian (that’s Brother Keong). All of the points above are often more pronounced in youth, and in the subsequent decades, there tend to be improvements as the Life Palaces shift.

Tian Ji/Ju Men by classic physiognomical standards is generally thought of as not a good looking combination. The natives tend to be big boned, and have high forehead and big mouth. This however is a general trait from the Life Palace. In the Appearance (Parents palace),  if there is Zi Wei, Tian Xiang, how can the native be bad looking? To this date, this  is still much disputed.