Longevity Line, Success Line, Friends Palace and the Destiny Positions

In He Luo lineage, the Longevity Line (Parents Palace/Health Palace) and the Success Line (Friends Palace/Siblings Palace), Destiny Positions and Friends Palace have strong emphasis. In “The Hidden Laws”, I had written in Page 73 about the importance in the relationship of 1-9. 1 is the Tai Ji and 9 is the Destiny. I have pointed out that 9 is the Destiny Position (氣數位) and how interactions with both the Longevity Line and the Success Line have the effects in determining fortune/misfortune in life. These practices are likewise carried out by many Flying Star practitioners without much doubt and inquiries. However, what is the basis of entangling the Destiny Position with those lines? Why would Longevity Line and Success Line have any remote link to the well being of the native? Perhaps we can understand that 1-6 relationship to Health is important (一六共宗), but what has anything to do with palaces like Friends and Siblings? Does that mean that if I have bad friends I will have bad life? This doesn’t make sense?

The idea behind the Success Line (Friends/Siblings) is interlinked with that of the Longevity Line. The sole principle still stills in the applications of 1-9 but we set Taiji at other aspects. Siblings Palace is the Destiny Position of Health. And Friends is the Destiny Position of Parents. While it makes a lot of sense on the Siblings Palace, then what of the Friends relevance with Parents? Is that important at all given that the native is a different entity from the parents. The key is that the native is procreated from parents (therefore implying the importance of Parents in Longevity Line), and because of that, the Friends Palace is a Pre Heaven Destiny Position. Therein lies the importance.

In the processes of reading through Decade Medium, we treat the natal San He of Life, Wealth and Career as the subjects and the Decade Life as objects in relationship through transformations. Subsequently Decade Friends Palace can be used to determine the outcome of these transformations, with emphasis on Hua Ji clash to see if it will upset the favourable transformations into the natal San He and in these hotspots, to lay possibility for Current Year. Such outcome with clash to natal San He will determine that the subjects are not favourable.  In any event if the natal Success Line is clashed, care must be heeded. If the natal Success Line is clashed, we reference the overlapped natal palace of the Decade Success Line to infer the incident (Yang palace infers material, Yin palace infer health).

At the natal level, Hua Ji and clash directed at the Longevity Line, Success Line, especially from Career Palace or Friends Palace offers signs of plausible negativity. Afflicted Success Line denotes lack of success, talent and development. Afflicted Longevity Line denotes bleak future, bad luck and frequent trouble. However these are only signs, and in the rigid dogma of Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu, the mere signs do not hold consequences because there is no activation of the interplay within periods.

Theoretically I could agree with many of these concepts, but I do not tend to use them practically.