斗转星移 (Pole Shift Stars Movement)

On Mid Autumn Festival, I am inspired to write again when I ponder upon the full moon. I am reminded of this nugget of info from the ESP acquaintance of my friend Brother Keong, identifying the Moon as the Patron Saint of Zi Wei Dou Shu. The rational part of me struggled with this idea, and the spiritual side of me is intrigued. Aside from this revelation came the notion of 斗转星移 (Dou Zhuang Xing Yi, DZXY; Translated as “Pole Shift Stars Movement), which was discussed with Brother Keong during the long periods of my sickness. He even wrote a post about this on his blog. Some of the Chinese readers might possibly recall this term used in 天龍八部 (Tian Long Ba Bu; Demi Gods and Semi Devils), a popular pugilist fiction and of course its original definition is something fanciful and fantastical. The essence of DZXY in our context is total change, like your life no longer is dictated by the charts. Brother Keong had recalled that a famous Master once spoke of the fortune of having very bad correlation to accurately dated charts, because most charts imminently all point to bad things, regardless if you are Zi Wei Tian Fu, or Cai Guan Yin. All charts seem to point towards a certain futile fate. I had written before that ZWDS facilitates alteration, but it cannot facilitate changes. How do you make sense of it?

There are many queries on ZWDS that are not effectively answered and caused this art to be tainted with apprehension. Example of many classic questions asked by detractors are: Do two individuals born on the same date (down to the time), suffer the same fate to die on the same day? I have shared before in some written articles that by and large their fates are largely similar. But their destiny will be different. They will have the same window periods on many aspects with similar outcomes. But they may not die on the same day, although there is a good chance. Why is this so? When they have the same charts, they have the same windows of “death”. There is a “Certain Death”, when Chi ceases towards the end, but in between birth to this point, there are many premature deaths which are littered in the realm of possibilities. Both person will have the same chart windows. However factors can alter the different individual towards certain conclusions. So, the other person may have higher odds than the other. The death for one person might be an injury for the other. By and large under similar ideal conditions, both should arrive at the same death date. Those little flux of changes are possibilities, and some people may theorize that premature death leads to ghosts due to Chi that is not ceased.

I still scorn at implementations like Fengshui though I am less critical these days. Still there comes a time whereby your fate disallows alterations in your destiny.  Let me put forth a real life scenario to you. I had serious lungs reinfections (and various Ali Baba sicknesses, termed by Brother Keong) since April. Five Yellows are in the West, directionaly it depicts lungs, and it depicts the location where my Life Palace has Ju Men self Hua Ji (FYI I am Tian Ji/Ju Men native). A formula was intended to be implemented at the given location in my house, but that location directly leads to the garbage area where bird droppings congregate at the windows area and dirty water flows. So despite the fantastic ideas, it cannot be readily implemented unless I moved out of my habitat which I cannot afford. Therefore the problem cannot be curbed despite all the great knowledge under the universe.

The concept of Fa (法), which means literally “The Practice” had taken a new meaning when it was initially at one point being forcefed to me by BK until it became a certain habit of mine. It got to a point whereby I obsessively utilized the QMDJ software for every actions I take. DZXY’s first case study was undoubtedly Brother Keong himself. With usage of at least 3 tools he crafted, had the first insight into a certain formula for breaking out of certain shackles in his chart, to my admiration, and achieving a glitch in the “Empyrean Matrix” (the powerful willpower that I spoke of, but to a greater degree that fate is overpowered). DZXY is achieved with the use of Fa, and the tools are Chinese Metaphysics. BaziApp software to catch useful god for divine use, and identifying potential breakthrough. Flying Star ZWDS software to go into more details about possible events. 64 Hex QMDJ for date selection for activities. Armed with these tools, we understand fate, and we use luck to challenge destiny. Are we circumventing against the natural order? I doubt so. If that is the case, doctors, and many other professions that seek to improve life are equally guilty of these charges.

Even within ZWDS, the concept of DZXY is not new. There was this 移星換斗 and 紫微過宮 by author 慧耕 like using the 3 Yuans structures to determine the reconfiguration of stars and palaces on the charts. These concepts are generally not popular in the realms of ZWDS and should be opened for more empirical investigations. DZXY is totally different of course. Remember I discussed about how freewill can take over after knowledge of fate. I think freewill in itself is already a bit of DZXY in action. The other component lies in Fa. Fa itself is intrinsically tied to Ke. Ke is something on a smaller scale some kind of assistance, and to a bigger level up to divine intervention, and on the internal level, as some kind of self actualization, enlightenment. It is possibly immortal. This opinion is generally understood but not emphasized in many ZWDS practices. In many conventional flying star practices, there is the usage of “transformers pairings” during the establishing of possibilities in periods. The prioritization in Hua Lu/Hua Quan combination as lucky markers, with Hua Ke ranked as lowest priority even below that of Hua Ji sometimes, determined as “virtual” and “real” transformations is a common trait in these techniques. Hua Ke in this scenario is categorized conventionally as too weak to exercise drastic changes and given little emphasis. I used to hold this notion as well. Few people in ZWDS community talk extensively about this transformer. Maybe some uses for academic, work matters. We can sit back and think about the transformers and the elements: Lu as Metal. Quan as Fire. Ke as Wood. Ji as Water. Earth is the medium. These are Post Heaven configurations after the fall of the primordial.

Earth is centred and the medium of our existence, created by power (Fire). Earth gives birth to Metal (Lu) which is life. Earth obliterates Water (Ji). In this regard, all that is negative and all cessation will be “ceased” again by the medium. When viewed as a life cycle, the Earth springs forth life and ends death. It is however not within our mean of control as it is a medium, the material, the axis mundi. This Earth however can be overpowered by Ke (Wood) in an elemental relationship.

Metal (Lu) as life, as beings on Earth and all that is good, progressive, beneficial and new. Theologically this representation supports the definition that all life is born good in some religious philosophies. It is also the beginning of the end. Because as a causation, it gives birth to Water (Ji) which is the effect and commonly understood as the negative, end. Metal (Lu) is destroyed by Fire (Quan) represented as power and might. This power can obliterate life.

Fire (Hua Quan) the might, the hegemony. When we look at the Chinese character, 火 (fire) is written as人(human) with two additional strokes. It signifies empowered being. This might controls and oppresses humanity and may eventually destroy it. All of existence runs on hegemony and in the cosmological sense, it defines the world (Earth) as we know it. It is born of higher order Hua Ke (wood) and it is controlled by the cessation Hua Ji (water). All power will be ceased by death.

Water (Ji) the darkness, the end and the negative. This is outcome of life Lu (metal). It has the mean to bring all power Quan (Fire) to an end. This darkness however is overpowered by the Earth, which will continually regenerate life again. The imminent cessation of Ji cannot be viewed as absolute; in the elemental scheme it gives birth to a new order, which is Ke (Wood).

Wood (Ke) is the divine, religiosity, the higher order, wisdom and the salvation. This is born from darkness of Ji (water) when all that is good come to an end. The philosophical aspect of the end brings about transcendence. This higher order is the only medium that can obliterate the material medium of our existence (Earth) which is perpetual reincarnation and suffering. Yet in itself is part of the scheme of the grand cosmological design, because new worlds are created in another existence and the being will go through the same amount of sufferings. The truly supreme transcendence can only happen when the whole elemental cycles are reduced into the absolute primordial which is when all, including Ke (Wood) are completed as being. By then existence should not concern the elements anymore. This is the ultimate mystery. Ke (Wood) can be rendered meaningless and obliterated by human beings Lu (Metal). Human beings attached to materialism (Earth), benefits (Metal) and power (Fire) often disregard the divine, thus leading to effects like atheism. And ZWDS has little emphasis on Ke. They are always obsessed with Hua Lu and Hua Ji. I was obsessed with Ji and it was a bad obsession.

How about “Ke” as the divine usage?


Reincarnations, Past Lifes and Destiny in Zi Wei Dou Shu

In modern times since “The Enlightenment” (a misnomer in itself), the elements of magic and mysticism had been gradually eroded by rational ontological systems known as science. The mystical studies like alchemy and astrology as progenitors of modern day chemistry and astronomy are long divorced and held commonly as follies of pure superstitions before the actualization of sciences. The modern man often can philosophize about the very vicissitude of life and existence but he is also often leaning dangerously close to a nihilistic path that does not acknowledge the divine. One working example of divinity/esotericism that I am going to talk about here may be magical, mystical, but in itself are based on rigorous systems that follow scientific framework rather than products of fancy and fantasy. The name is Zi Wei Dou Shu, amongst other countless systems hidden away in the forsaken lands of the occult. And mind you, I am alot more scientific than your average men on the street, the entirety of my formative science education notwithstanding.

I had been a strong proponent of sciences and atheism even way before Richard Dawkins abandoned his evolutionary biology for the controversial discourses on religion. I then came to understand that death is quite itself the end and that the tales of the afterlife are mere consolation to the hearts of many mortal men. Such ideas have detrimentally profound effects on life, which devalues the purpose of life and existence to just another biochemical outcome or byproduct. These ideas sadden me. However, when I got involved in the metaphysics, especially with Zi Wei Dou Shu, I experienced a drastic paradigm shift on my understanding of existence as many long held doubts and questions are answered. As if by magic of clairvoyance, ZWDS shows me that it is possible to look into events of the past and the future of anybody with just birth dates and mathematics with bewildering accuracy. This is one example of the divine/esoteric gift that doesnt make any sense at all in our modern scientific sense.

Fortune telling (to put it in an awfully vernacular way of explanation) is only the tip of the iceberg in Zi Wei Dou Shu. If this post can add any assurance and comfort to the readers who had much doubts about life, existence and afterlife, it has served its purpose. I will affirm that reincarnation exists, and it is a concept in Zi Wei Dou Shu, and I shall expound on its mechanisms down to how one can use practical applications to peer into past lifes. The key message that I want to share to the readers is that “Death is not the end”.

hungryghost1Concepts of reincarnation are not merely Buddhistic or Indian/Hinduistic/Eastern by common associations. Actually the concepts of reincarnation had long been held in Neoplatonism, Orphism, Hermeticism, Manicheanism and even the Gnosticisms of early Abrahamic religions including Christianity, amongst followers of Kabbalah, Cathars, Druze and Rosicrucians. In the esoteric Chinese traditions, the Early Heaven Ba Gua which explains the divine plan, and it forms the blueprint for the sixfold paths of suffering, also known as six realms of existence, pain or desires. These paths are known as Heaven (God, Deva), Asuras (Demigod, Envious God, War God), Human, Animal (Beasts), Hungry Ghosts (Pretas; shown in the painting above eating the excrement of a man), and Hell (Neraka). These are not mere metaphors, but actual planes of existence. These paths can likewise be transcribed onto the Zi Wei Dou Chu chart as below.


There are some people who went for past life regressions via hypnotherapy or past life readings by esoteric practitioners and are gladly pleased by readings like how they used to be some aristocrat, hero or people of exemplary importance. The thing is that with ZWDS past life readings, most results are anything but. Your past life may even be that of a bitter hungry ghost, or a pig in the sty. Nevertheless I will reveal how you can lay out your charts to go into readings of your past life.


Here is a chart of a native: Yang Male born in 15 January 1983 at 10:30 am (Si Hour). When we convert this to the lunar calendar, it is 2 December 1982 (Ren Xu Year) at Si Hour. With the chart laid out, we have to gather additional information. Take note of the Life Palace. He is a Tai Yang/Ju Men native. Then take note of the Body Palace. There is Tai Yin/Tian Tong. His life emphasis is in spousal relationship.

Do you still remember how to get Life Master as well as Body Master? These aspects are often ignored by many practitioners and teachers, but they are actually some of the most useful components for many applications in the charts. In my earlier post in April about checking on possible orientation towards homosexuality, I had highlighted some parts of the functional uses with the Life Master and Body Master. Anyway back to the chart, this native have Life Master in Lian Zhen and Body Master in Wen Chang. Knowing these information, we are going to transform the chart into a previous incarnation chart. Without changing the stars, align the palace with the Life Master as the new Life Palace and the palace with the Body Master as the new Body Palace, and adjust the rest of the palaces accordingly. You will find out that the native’s previous identity is Lian Zhen/Po Jun in Life Palace and Body Palace lies in Fortune.


In the current life, this native may be somewhat unpopular (Empty Friends Palace, Wu Qu Hua Ji opposite), argumentative (Tai Yang/Ju Men in Life), brusque and tactless (Ling Xing, Qing Yang in SFSZ). However in the last life, this native may be deviant and hedonistic (Lian Zhen, Po Jun in Life, Qing Yang in Children) , diplomatic and opportunistic (Tan Lang, Wu Qu in Career) and have complicated and argumentative social relationships (Tai Yang, Ju Men in Friends). Yes, even such concepts like diplomacy, wealth, social relationships are existing concepts in beings of hell, hungry ghost or animal realms. To determine the sex of the native in his previous life, we just set and determine his Birth Dou Jun, which reveals to be of Earth Branch Wu. Wu branch corresponds to the Bing Stem in his charts. Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng and Ren Heavenly Stems will denote Male, and Yi, Ding, Ji, Xin, and Gui Heavenly Stems will denote Female. Henceforth, the native was also a Male in his past life.

The native may be a human in his current life, but what is he in his past life? Simply correspond the new Past Life Chart’s Life Palace and Body Palace to the Sixfold Paths of Suffering chart. Life Palace is in Animal, and Body Palace is in Man. This shows that he used to be an animal and his life is aspired towards the pattern of man. Lian Zhen and Po Jun in Life Palace by closest comparison points towards his previous life as some kind of predatory sea creature. We also look at karmic consequences. In the current life chart, his Hua Ji lies in Wu Qu Hua Ji in Siblings Palace. How do we lay out the concepts of karma in his chart? Understand that birth transformer Wu Qu Hua Ji has to be flown from a palace. We trace that to Ren Stem which causes Wu Qu Hua Ji and it lies in Career Palace. Henceforth his karmic origin (known as Cause Palace) of this life is in Career Palace. His Body Palace in the karmic sense is what he needs to aspire forward in his life, his fortune palace is the principle store of his karma “status”, his cause palace is the karmic origin in this life, and lastly and most importantly, his Hua Ji is his debt need to be repaid in this life, which is in Siblings Palace (could mean siblings or mother). There are two more stars of karmic origins in the charts and they are namely Tian Xing and Yin Sha. One is of divine (Heavenly punishment) and the other is of the netherworld origin. Both stars are used to regulate trials to the native in this life on top of Hua Ji. Both stars should have been in different positions in his past life chart, though not considered nor changed in this drawing.

From his Hua Ji, we can infer back to his karmic debt in his past life. The Hua Ji was found in his Career Palace. And from this location Hua Ji will “clash” the Spouse Palace, meaning to say that he has no spousal fate. This is a special formation of an ascetic who needs to cut off from the mundane world. This aspect is actually brought forward to this current life. How can we tell? Remember the test on the earlier article on determining homosexuality with using Life Master and Body Master to establish Ri Yue Ke Hai Formation (日月剋害; Afflicted Sun and Moon)?  This native’s Body Master afflicts the Moon (Yi Stem: Tai Yin Hua Ji), furthermore in his current life Spouse (Body) Palace! If that is the case, why would he have life emphasis/aspiration on Spouse Palace/relationships? Isn’t that ironic? Truth of the matter is that he will get into a brief relationship of some sort to fail and come to a realization of his cause.

How do we see if a native has noble causes in his current destiny? For the ascetic, especially celibate monks and priests, they need to have Tian Liang (Buddhist Star/Protection Star) in their Fortune Palace. Tian Tong (Bliss Star) or Tian Ji (Kindness Star) will further amplify such outcome. In addition, there must be Emptiness Stars (Di Kong, Di Jie) in Life, Body, and Fortune Palaces with preferably no malevolent stars (will add obstacle or disruption to asceticism). It is preferable if they also have no Hua Lu in the SFSZ from the Life Palace, or other fortunate stars. Tian Xing is another important karmic star in this equation. It is preferred to be in Life Palace to regulate and discipline the native. This native has Tian Liang and Tian Ji in Fortune Palace. There is Di Kong in Body Palace. And there is Tian Xing in Life Palace. However, there are Huo Xing in Body Palace, Ling Xing in Life Palace and Tuo Luo in Fortune Palace. Evil forces tried to waylay the native towards his noble causes.

While we finish the analysis with the above native, I would like to state another example of native with noble causes in their destiny. And that is a special type of native bestowed with power of Tian Jiang (天將) otherwise known as Heaven General or Leaders of Men. These people have the divine cause to influence people and society and they tend to be talented, ruthless, powerful and influential if their formations are kept clean from emptiness and malevolence. This concept is quite similar to that of the Kui Gang (魁罡) in Four Pillars of Destiny, except that the selective criteria is even narrower. This only happens for natives with Zi Wei in Fortune Palace, and it only trickles down to three specific configurations of the Sha Po Lang trinity. The highest configuration is that of Qi Sha in either Chen or Xu Life Palaces (Single Zi Wei in Fortune), followed by second ranked configuration of Po Jun in either Zi or Wu Life Palaces (Zi Wei and Tian Fu in Fortune), and lastly Tan Lang in either Yin or Shen Life Palaces (Zi Wei and Tian Xiang in Fortune). The other Sha Po Lang natives that dont obey the above configurations are not counted. If there are malevolent stars in the Life, Body and Fortune Palaces, there will be alot of hardship for these natives to achieve their cause. If Emptiness Stars are in the above three palaces, the formations are broken and the natives need to go into spirituality and asceticism for remedial. Chairman Mao is a Tan Lang in Shen Life Palace native with no Emptiness Stars in the three palaces. There is a common joke/saying amongst the ZWDS community that natives with Zi Wei in Fortune Palace will never have life of a businessmen. This is true, because the most important leadership star had been etched into the spiritual ethos of noble causes, than that of being a boss in the mundane, material plane.

The Secret Relationships of Heart and Kidneys

Here we will go into some aspects of Chinese Medicine theories with respect to Zi Wei Dou Shu and discuss about the most common ailments that can affect significant amount of people, which are heart and kidney diseases. Most people would have found little significance or relationship between heart and kidney diseases, treating them as mutually exclusive problems due to lifestyle habits, but these organs are actually closely related to each other. And potential problems of heart and kidney problems can be easily observed from ZWDS charts.

In Chinese Medicine theories, the Heart and Kidneys have to be “connected” for interactivity in order to function properly and thus give health. Shen (神) defines Heart of Elemental Fire. Jing (精) defines Kidneys of Elemental Water. And Zhi (志) defines Spleen/Guts of Elemental Earth. In order for Fire and Water to be connected, Earth has to be stable. Fire of Heart will warm the Water of Kidney to keep it regulated. Water of Kidney will nourish and calm the Fire of Heart to keep it regulated. If there are problems, the Fire of Heart will be increased or otherwise the Water of Kidney will be increased. When the connections are well established, the native will be energetic. Onset of problems begin with lack of energy. This is followed by either headaches (increase of Fire) or sore kidneys (increase of Water). And subsequently the next phase will either be heart attack or kidney failures. So can these be checked from ZWDS charts? Yes, of course.

During analysis of the charts, if the Birth Life Palace or Travel Palace, or Birth Parents Palace or Health Palace, as well as Decade Life Palace of Travel Palace, or Decade Parents Palace or Health Palace have one Water elemental stars (e,g Tai Yin, Tian Tong, etc) and one Fire elemental stars (e.g.Tai Yang, Lian Zhen), and one of them happen to Hua Ji either as predestined birth transformation or during periods, chances are there will be no connections between the Heart and the Kidneys. If it is a predestined condition, the native will already be afflicted with either Heart or Kidney diseases (depending on where the Hua Ji is, either on Fire elemental or Water elemental stars). If it happens during periods, there will be this imminent risk at that time. So what is the remedy? Very simple, the trick is to keep the Spleen/Guts healthy as a functional medium between heart and kidneys, by reduction of stress, exercises and eating nutritious food. Skeptical? Try to read  and validate the charts of heart attack and kidney failure patients.

The Identification of Zi Wei Star In Mythology, Sciences and Metaphysics

Zi Wei Star as the name aptly suggests is used as an axiom for the study of Zi Wei Dou Shu. There had been alot of speculations on the identities of the Zi Wei Star. I insist on Thuban (α Draconis) as the original Zi Wei whereas in modern times, many people had insisted on Polaris. Here, we will investigate both historical records and also astronomical sciences.Every asterisms in Chinese astrology had all been referenced to mythological entities, especially during the Tang Dynasty, a period where there seemed to be many syncretism between Buddhistic and Taoist belief systems.

From the stars within the three enclosures closest to the celestial poles, to the 28 mansions, all had some personality. There are three entities that we will be particularly interested in to research on, namely: 1. 太极天皇大帝 (Tai Ji Tian Huang Da Di) from the Gou Chen (勾陈) area, 2. 北极紫微大帝 (Bei Ji Zi Wei Da Di) from the Bei Ji (北極) cluster, and 3. 天乙/太乙 (Tian Yi and Tai Yi) of Zi Wei You Heng (紫微右垣). From the above mythical figures, you might have figured out that Bei Ji Zi Wei Dai Di (also known as North Pole Zi Wei Emperor) may have some relevance to Zi Wei, and you are probably correct. This is the correct name given to this star. The Bei Ji cluster means North Pole in Chinese and consists of β Ursae Minoris, γ Ursae Minoris, 5 Ursae Minoris, 4 Ursae Minoris and Σ 1694.  Consequently, β Ursae Minoris itself is known as 北極二 ( the Second Star of North Pole.), representing 帝 (Di), meaning Emperor, hence Zi Wei (紫微). Henceforth are we quick to assume that β Ursae Minoris also known as Kochab as the Zi Wei Pole Star? Yes and no, but we will get to that later.


Tai Ji Tian Huang Da Di, also known as the Supreme Heavenly Emperor sits in the Gou Chen area, and astronomically it really is Polaris at α Ursae Minoris. However do you notice that there is no direct reference to the star as that of Zi Wei? Perhaps it might be interesting for you to note that while Polaris is our axis mundi in current time, Kochab was at a slightly close proximity to the original celestial pole (although not near enough to be a pole star) back in Tang Dynasty which happens to fall between the classical period between 1500 BC- 500 AD). The Chinese back then might have regarded Kochab as Zi Wei, but many cultures of antiquity including the Chinese people did not really consider Kochab as the true pole star. What about Tian Yi (Celestial Great One) and Tai Yi (Primordial Great One) at Zi Wei You Heng (Zi Wei Right Enclosure)? These two entities are found at the 右樞 (You Shu; Right Pivot) known as Thuban (α Draconis) on constellation Draco. It is not referenced as Zi Wei. From the look of it, I should not be staking my claim that Zi Wei lies in Thuban, and that I should have said that the true Zi Wei lies in Kochab instead. However I am sticking on to my claim.


One thing that you might need to observe is that the axial precession of the Earth had given rise to different pole stars since times of antiquity. In 3000 BC, Thuban was indeed used as the celestial pole as a reference in many ancient cultures until 1900 BC. Subsequently there was no pole stars used as the axis mundi (not even Kochab) up until about 1500 AD whereby Polaris was used as a reference. We should look at another piece of evidence from also the Tang Dynasty: The Dunhuang Star Map. There is indication of Tian Huang (天皇) and North Pole/Bei Ji (北極) in the star map, but the interesting thing is that Zi Wei (紫微) actually lies somewhere.. not anywhere at North Pole/Bei Ji, not even in Thuban (α Draconis) but at Al Dhibain (η Draconis)! Now the thing is η Draconis was never a pole star. This goes to show that the ancient astronomers/astrologers possibly had some idea that Zi Wei is right over at the Draco constellation but missing about a little distance away from the actual Thuban, and that it does not really sit at Kochab. However the Zi Wei on the Dunhuang Star Map totally contradicts that of the mythological location of Bei Ji Zi Wei Da Di.

Let’s check if these are clear: 1. Zi Wei star is referred to as the axis mundi, the Pole Star used for circumpolar observations in astrology in all Chinese metaphysical texts, 2. Pole Star during times of antiquity had traditionally always been Thuban. 3. Polaris may be the new Pole Star, but it has nothing to do with being the Zi Wei star as evinced by examples above. 4. Zi Wei star location is not fixed in historical records, and many times they do not pertain to the exact location of the Pole Star, which contradicts point 1. If we go by the assumption that point 4 is subjected to some historical errors and since it is contradictory, the historical evidences are not valid, by the only inference I see the linkage between Point 1 and 2 and backed by Point 3, is that the true Zi Wei lies at Thuban.

518,400 Types of Zi Wei Dou Shu Charts

There are many discourses on astrology and fortune telling, particularly on how people born in the same date and time could have very different destiny. There are of course many speculations on how many different life charts can be exactly generated from Zi Wei Dou Shu given the vast amount of people in the world. In ZWDS, altogether 518,400 different life charts are generated from the birth times, which goes to show that at least 14000 people shared the same life chart if we count the world population as at 7 billion. So how do we derive at that number? The combination of 10 Tian Gan and 12 Di Zhi derives 60 Jia Zi which gives a 60 years period. Within the 60 years there are 720 months. Within 720 months are 21,600 days. And within the 21,600 days comes 259,200 Si Chens. At every Si Chen, there are altogether 518,400 total types of Life Charts for both Male and Female. This sum total is about half that of Bazi (4 Pillars of Destiny).


It is interesting to note that the number 518,400 likewise correlated exactly to that of the highly reputable Nadi Astrology Palm Leaves configurations within a year based on different planetary and ascendant configurations. This branch of Astrology is practiced in the Tamil Nadu regions, but its influence and reputation is widespread due to its prowess and intrigue. Nadi Astrology is known for the extremely powerful predictive results and the amount of details that can be derived. Likewise, it also is able to give extreme accurate predictions to the past, as well as forecasts into the future. But most importantly, it is another strong case for showing that the human lives are predestined in the matrix, and conceptually supports the theories of reincarnation, like Zi Wei Dou Shu.