斗转星移 (Pole Shift Stars Movement)

On Mid Autumn Festival, I am inspired to write again when I ponder upon the full moon. I am reminded of this nugget of info from the ESP acquaintance of my friend Brother Keong, identifying the Moon as the Patron Saint of Zi Wei Dou Shu. The rational part of me struggled with this idea, and the spiritual side of me is intrigued. Aside from this revelation came the notion of 斗转星移 (Dou Zhuang Xing Yi, DZXY; Translated as “Pole Shift Stars Movement), which was discussed with Brother Keong during the long periods of my sickness. He even wrote a post about this on his blog. Some of the Chinese readers might possibly recall this term used in 天龍八部 (Tian Long Ba Bu; Demi Gods and Semi Devils), a popular pugilist fiction and of course its original definition is something fanciful and fantastical. The essence of DZXY in our context is total change, like your life no longer is dictated by the charts. Brother Keong had recalled that a famous Master once spoke of the fortune of having very bad correlation to accurately dated charts, because most charts imminently all point to bad things, regardless if you are Zi Wei Tian Fu, or Cai Guan Yin. All charts seem to point towards a certain futile fate. I had written before that ZWDS facilitates alteration, but it cannot facilitate changes. How do you make sense of it?

There are many queries on ZWDS that are not effectively answered and caused this art to be tainted with apprehension. Example of many classic questions asked by detractors are: Do two individuals born on the same date (down to the time), suffer the same fate to die on the same day? I have shared before in some written articles that by and large their fates are largely similar. But their destiny will be different. They will have the same window periods on many aspects with similar outcomes. But they may not die on the same day, although there is a good chance. Why is this so? When they have the same charts, they have the same windows of “death”. There is a “Certain Death”, when Chi ceases towards the end, but in between birth to this point, there are many premature deaths which are littered in the realm of possibilities. Both person will have the same chart windows. However factors can alter the different individual towards certain conclusions. So, the other person may have higher odds than the other. The death for one person might be an injury for the other. By and large under similar ideal conditions, both should arrive at the same death date. Those little flux of changes are possibilities, and some people may theorize that premature death leads to ghosts due to Chi that is not ceased.

I still scorn at implementations like Fengshui though I am less critical these days. Still there comes a time whereby your fate disallows alterations in your destiny.  Let me put forth a real life scenario to you. I had serious lungs reinfections (and various Ali Baba sicknesses, termed by Brother Keong) since April. Five Yellows are in the West, directionaly it depicts lungs, and it depicts the location where my Life Palace has Ju Men self Hua Ji (FYI I am Tian Ji/Ju Men native). A formula was intended to be implemented at the given location in my house, but that location directly leads to the garbage area where bird droppings congregate at the windows area and dirty water flows. So despite the fantastic ideas, it cannot be readily implemented unless I moved out of my habitat which I cannot afford. Therefore the problem cannot be curbed despite all the great knowledge under the universe.

The concept of Fa (法), which means literally “The Practice” had taken a new meaning when it was initially at one point being forcefed to me by BK until it became a certain habit of mine. It got to a point whereby I obsessively utilized the QMDJ software for every actions I take. DZXY’s first case study was undoubtedly Brother Keong himself. With usage of at least 3 tools he crafted, had the first insight into a certain formula for breaking out of certain shackles in his chart, to my admiration, and achieving a glitch in the “Empyrean Matrix” (the powerful willpower that I spoke of, but to a greater degree that fate is overpowered). DZXY is achieved with the use of Fa, and the tools are Chinese Metaphysics. BaziApp software to catch useful god for divine use, and identifying potential breakthrough. Flying Star ZWDS software to go into more details about possible events. 64 Hex QMDJ for date selection for activities. Armed with these tools, we understand fate, and we use luck to challenge destiny. Are we circumventing against the natural order? I doubt so. If that is the case, doctors, and many other professions that seek to improve life are equally guilty of these charges.

Even within ZWDS, the concept of DZXY is not new. There was this 移星換斗 and 紫微過宮 by author 慧耕 like using the 3 Yuans structures to determine the reconfiguration of stars and palaces on the charts. These concepts are generally not popular in the realms of ZWDS and should be opened for more empirical investigations. DZXY is totally different of course. Remember I discussed about how freewill can take over after knowledge of fate. I think freewill in itself is already a bit of DZXY in action. The other component lies in Fa. Fa itself is intrinsically tied to Ke. Ke is something on a smaller scale some kind of assistance, and to a bigger level up to divine intervention, and on the internal level, as some kind of self actualization, enlightenment. It is possibly immortal. This opinion is generally understood but not emphasized in many ZWDS practices. In many conventional flying star practices, there is the usage of “transformers pairings” during the establishing of possibilities in periods. The prioritization in Hua Lu/Hua Quan combination as lucky markers, with Hua Ke ranked as lowest priority even below that of Hua Ji sometimes, determined as “virtual” and “real” transformations is a common trait in these techniques. Hua Ke in this scenario is categorized conventionally as too weak to exercise drastic changes and given little emphasis. I used to hold this notion as well. Few people in ZWDS community talk extensively about this transformer. Maybe some uses for academic, work matters. We can sit back and think about the transformers and the elements: Lu as Metal. Quan as Fire. Ke as Wood. Ji as Water. Earth is the medium. These are Post Heaven configurations after the fall of the primordial.

Earth is centred and the medium of our existence, created by power (Fire). Earth gives birth to Metal (Lu) which is life. Earth obliterates Water (Ji). In this regard, all that is negative and all cessation will be “ceased” again by the medium. When viewed as a life cycle, the Earth springs forth life and ends death. It is however not within our mean of control as it is a medium, the material, the axis mundi. This Earth however can be overpowered by Ke (Wood) in an elemental relationship.

Metal (Lu) as life, as beings on Earth and all that is good, progressive, beneficial and new. Theologically this representation supports the definition that all life is born good in some religious philosophies. It is also the beginning of the end. Because as a causation, it gives birth to Water (Ji) which is the effect and commonly understood as the negative, end. Metal (Lu) is destroyed by Fire (Quan) represented as power and might. This power can obliterate life.

Fire (Hua Quan) the might, the hegemony. When we look at the Chinese character, 火 (fire) is written as人(human) with two additional strokes. It signifies empowered being. This might controls and oppresses humanity and may eventually destroy it. All of existence runs on hegemony and in the cosmological sense, it defines the world (Earth) as we know it. It is born of higher order Hua Ke (wood) and it is controlled by the cessation Hua Ji (water). All power will be ceased by death.

Water (Ji) the darkness, the end and the negative. This is outcome of life Lu (metal). It has the mean to bring all power Quan (Fire) to an end. This darkness however is overpowered by the Earth, which will continually regenerate life again. The imminent cessation of Ji cannot be viewed as absolute; in the elemental scheme it gives birth to a new order, which is Ke (Wood).

Wood (Ke) is the divine, religiosity, the higher order, wisdom and the salvation. This is born from darkness of Ji (water) when all that is good come to an end. The philosophical aspect of the end brings about transcendence. This higher order is the only medium that can obliterate the material medium of our existence (Earth) which is perpetual reincarnation and suffering. Yet in itself is part of the scheme of the grand cosmological design, because new worlds are created in another existence and the being will go through the same amount of sufferings. The truly supreme transcendence can only happen when the whole elemental cycles are reduced into the absolute primordial which is when all, including Ke (Wood) are completed as being. By then existence should not concern the elements anymore. This is the ultimate mystery. Ke (Wood) can be rendered meaningless and obliterated by human beings Lu (Metal). Human beings attached to materialism (Earth), benefits (Metal) and power (Fire) often disregard the divine, thus leading to effects like atheism. And ZWDS has little emphasis on Ke. They are always obsessed with Hua Lu and Hua Ji. I was obsessed with Ji and it was a bad obsession.

How about “Ke” as the divine usage?


Correction on Post

Today I received a comment by an observant reader that there is an error on “Calculations of Palace Elemental Nature using 纳音五行 and the Derivations of Star Characteristics”. When I reviewed the post, I realise that I mentioned Tian Liang (Yang Earth) will express negative effect at Gui Hai palace (Yin Water). That is incorrect, it will at most be neutral. It will only express most negative effect at Wood (especially Yang Wood) palaces. And in addition, as per some of the readers’ wishes, I will also expand more on Nayin and Periodic Phases in due course.

First post in 2015

Hello Dear Readers. It’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. The hiatus is caused by prior commitments and some problems, but as of now most of them are duly resolved. To date I have about 55 outstanding comments coming through to the blog during my absence. I have tried my best to clear all of them. My apologies to some of you, for the long delays, as well as refusal to give more readings. I hope you can understand that I don’t want to read anymore charts for many reasons. To put things in perspective, Zi Wei Dou Shu is not my livelihood nor source of income. Still I am fulfilled by the three books written on this subject matter. While not the first in the genres, the publishing of these books somehow catalyse more activities in the field which is a good thing as it sets precedence for more of such literature in English.

Granted that there is this renewed energy in writing posts (which can be a tiring affair), I will speak of my thoughts on some of the current developments of Zi Wei Dou Shu. I am not in the interest nor position of contention with fellow practitioners given the autonomy and lack of commercial motivations. But still we hold our grounds with certain secrecy which we will not casually share. Yet in recent years there are more and more divulgence of once suppressed secrets. In the current internet age, there are surfeit of information, but also more confusions due to the excesses and esoteric knowledge like Zi Wei Dou Shu can only hold its ground so far; its only a matter of time before its secrecy will be exposed. What some practitioners do nowadays is facilitation of half-secrets to the public given the understanding of such inevitability. I had mentioned that no human practitioners invent Zi Wei Dou Shu, but the interpretative methods is another story altogether. Every sects hold their unique secrets in interpretations and if there ever come a time of divulgence, what use is the oaths of secrecy anymore? These half-secrets seek to meander and ‘negotiate’ with the audience; on one hand protecting the self interests of the practitioners, and on the other hand appeasing the fervent information seekers.

So am I going to get into the spirit of this? Some of it are already self evident in the books if you have discerning eyes to notice the differences while the bulk of others are still up the sleeves. We have witnessed constant evolution of the methods in both the large San He and Flying Star school of thoughts. To tie methods strictly to a central doctrine, especially with the old volumes of Zi Wei Dou Shu is while assuring, quite impractical. The complications get worse with Flying Star schools, where the trajectories of the Transformers become ballistic opinions between the schools, thus resulting in many disagreements over methods. The opinion of any individual is to validate their work based on experience and not tradition. While the formative education in Zi Wei Dou Shu is still very important to establish good fundamentals (classes as opposed to books are still the most recommended channels of learning), the intermediate practitioners should gather as much data as possible to validate the findings, and with given experience, seek the best solution for themselves. And this is where secrets are formed. Another development is also ‘integration’. Traditionally separate fields like Fengshui, Qi Men Dun Jia etc are integrated into the ZWDS chart to lend more clairvoyant power by some practitioners, and which also increases their appeal. I have also witnessed “transitions of systems” amongst students. This happens when either the primary San He or Flying Star system are inadequate to address case studies anymore and the student change to learn from an alternative school. Despite the current hype, Flying Star system does have its limitations. There are conundrum of charts are not sufficiently resolved as well as having erroneous ‘pinpointing’ which can be solved by San He method. Likewise there are San He conundrums that can only be solved by Flying Star methods. I will highlight such cases in due course.

Not too longer ago, during my periods of inactivity on the blog, I had frequent metaphysical discussions with Brother Keong, my newly acquainted friend who designs softwares for Chinese Metaphysics. We habitually challenged each other with difficult case studies and I was given a case of similar charts from two different individuals with the only differences lying in some of the Birth Time Stars (Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Huo Xing, Ling Xing). This would be especially difficult if you are limited in capacity by the Flying Star methods (minor stars are out). If I have to stick by reliance for getting ‘conditions’ and ‘inputs’, I would be stuck, but a combination of using San He descriptors, and practiced observation solved the conundrum. To give you a hint on one practiced observation, contrary to popular opinions of the ancient texts, I generally do not like Wen Chang and Wen Qu, while I find merit in Huo Xing and Ling Xing in the charts. And while Tian Gui, Tian Yue are not evident problem in that case study, I do not like them too.

There is another case whereby Brother Keong challenged me with a chart of a successful old man who had supposed marriage problem. This case study had apparently spun a successive thread on an online fortunetelling forum. From conventional ZWDS, it seems like the old man had bad marriage which was the wrong answers made by participants. But with effective usage of stems and elements proved otherwise and resolved that conundrum. As another hinter, there are recurrences of stems in the palaces and the elements are not mere redundant accessories in popular opinions, but are essential in Yin and Yang interplay. Brother Keong then asked me straight in the face on what is the profession of this old man. I told him as a matter of factly, this man is involved in the food industry which turns out correct. Can anyone confidently come to this conclusion with all the ZWDS they learnt without probing here and there to test the depths? Possibly, especially with San He education and a deep understanding of the subtle significance behind star characteristics will bring you to this level of confidence. But if this doesn’t work to your favour it is a potentially career ending move especially for the commercial inclined practitioners. That’s all for now. I will give more updates when time and energy permit.

The Empyrean Matrix 2014 Revised Edition

The revised 2014 first edition is now officially available on both Amazon and Createspace. This edition had been corrected for all the known errors. The DEFINITIVE revised edition is available from 26 January 2014 and it is sold as the First editions on Amazon and Createspace.

Here are the changes made on the First 2013 Edition:

On a more minor note, the subtitles (especially the Chinese words) of the book cover seem to be skewed towards the right side. This has been adjusted for the new cover. Also, in the Bibliography, I had accidentally pasted in other chinese metaphysical books from the excel list when it should only just cover Zi Wei Dou Shu. This is also corrected for the updated edition.

On a more important note, the readers of the existing copies of the 2013 first edition of The Empyrean Matrix should take note of the corrigendum here, which are corrected in the updated copy:

Page 128 6.2.20- Auspicious Formation 20: Qi Sha Chao Dou
Qi Sha Chao Dou in Line 1 should be 七殺朝斗.

Page 130 6.2.24 Auspicious Formation 24: San Qi Jia Hui
Line 23- Native’s personal palaces should have Fortune, and for the others should be Travel.

Page 148 6.2.53- Auspicious Formation 52: Ke Ming Lu An
Line 2 Point 7- Instead of Tian Tong Hua Ke, it should be Tai Yin Hua Ke

Page 154 6.3.13- Malefic Formation 13: Lu Shang Mai Shi
Line 17 Header Diagram 6.61- Should be Lu Shang Mai Shi

Reader MTV565 had pointed out to me on two additional mistakes, one is with a typo in Page 24, the “Zi Wei Location Table”, whereby Lunar Birth Date 21, 5th Earth Column should be Xu instead of Chen, and Page 104 on “Xi Shen”, I left out a line, which is “may bring about prolonged illness”. Also, I notice an error in the Transformers List with a typo. It should be Tai Yin Hua Ke instead of Tian Fu Hua Ke in Geng year (Tian Fu will never Hua Ke). Also I realized misconstrued reference between the agricultural calendar calculation with the usual lunisolar calculation. All of these had been revised in the current edition.

Of Hiatus 2…

It’s been about 4 months since “The Empyrean Matrix” was launched. After the Matrix and the 4th Dimensional Device had been revealed, I am planning to provide people with a practical application for the pursuit of success with Zi Wei Dou Shu. We have the Matrix, and the Tool, but do we know the golden opportune to set up our crucible to operate in Kairos? At this time period, I will be missing from action for a while, but not without some intensive work at the backend. The work will probably concern San Cai, Kairos, Hermes, Alchemy, Trinity, Money, Gold, Wealth and Success, and of course Zi Wei Dou Shu… or how I deem fit that the work will turn out to be with or without. I have been reading too much Paracelsus and even Joseph P Farrell during this time period. In the meantime, what do you see in the pictures below? And what do you make of the Triune Mysteries? Until then.